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It all comes down to this. 0

Strolling along on my daily routine, after spending a long time away, I finally return home to treat myself to a few new ishes. Immediately, I reach for this ish, a series that's one of the few that has me coming back for more. Though, if I am to be brutally honest, I haven't been really impressed with some of the chapters in this flippant last arc, though it still satisfied me more than the Otherworld arc.So anyway, I take a set, open up this be instantly amazed. I am immediately awe...

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Look deeper 0

So I saw a lot of reviews raving about this issue. I wont deny it, this is good, better than most comics out there. I don't think it's as good as other reviews made out thoughThe GoodDeadpool. The beauty about Deadpool's character is he's got a similar 'out' as the joker. In that his insanity can explain away that one minute he's characterised one way and sometimes he's totally different. Not we've all read the insanely funny versions of deadpool, the downright awful versions and even zombie hea...

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Getting so much right, a few minor wrongs. 0

One of the best things about this comic regards a mixed blessing/ flaw that I've felt throughout the entire series. Wolverine. For so much of the series, he's felt like a flat background character, and certainly the least interesting. Given how overused he is, this is a blessing, as it has allowed the other members to shine so spectacularly. Unfortunately, with him being so flat I've often found myself wondering "Why do we need this guy? Why is he their leader? Half the time he gets taken out at...

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X-Force Crash the Brotherhood's Party 0

This story has been amazing and each issue makes me question more and more as to why I didn't catch up on this series sooner. This series does what no other X-series could and that's due to the X-Force being able to do what no X-Man could do otherwise. This series has brilliant stories, great action and brilliant character development and I hope I see a series has good as this elsewhere, especially when this one finishes.PlotThis issue sees the X-Force heading to help Deadpool rescue Genesis, wh...

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