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Poor genesis.

The good

This series has been great from issue one it has been one of the best series in the last decade. and this issue is no different. This issue starts off really dark and grim and really sets the tone of the issue. When the team return from the future they meet Deathlok and have a rather angry conversation with each other which is pretty interesting to see. Quite a lot of this issue is dedicated to finding out what's going on with the Brotherhood of Evil mutants and how they are mucking around with Evan and some parts are really creepy and one bit with Evan is horrible and would freak everyone out. This issue really made me feel for Evan and what he's going through it just really makes me feel for him. We also get a scene with Mystique and Sabertooth and shows the relationship they have it just shows how nasty they both are. We also get a conversation between Sabertooth and Daken about how he's been treated by his father (wolverine) and how he's been discarded for Evan and other people. Now the best part of the issue is the end where Remender's run comes full circle we get almost the exact same ending as the previous runs but that's why it's great its the same problem and it's the same situation and it's awesome and very clever. The art this is probably Phil Noto's best issue it's just so sharp and Evan's face looks so real it actually looks like a lonely kid it's wonderful.

The bad


5 stars.


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