dark_noldor's Uncanny X-Force #31 - Final Execution review

Fantasy life, Harsh reality

Remender thought through this whole series from issue number one, that's what I praise in comic books, not only continuity, but the writer's perception, how the good writer has a vision and is able to materialize it, like working on a rough diamond, driving a straight line to tell the story, that doesn't come very often. Sure there're some bad dialogues, some macho and stupid lines, but hey, what you should expect from characters like Wolverine and Wade, but there're so many important and core issues, like the debate between Logan and Betsy if they should keep on killing or not, to stop the "double standard". The killing question is also something that Remender worked perfectly in this title, it's the irony of it, since this group was put together to kill people, to do the dirty work, but no one predicted it's toll and the price appears to be larger than the characters can afford and now the team is falling apart because of the same reason they were united in the first place. The New Brotherhood was an excellent choice of villains and hey, since the "top creative minds" at Marvel decided to bring Creed back, no use of wasting the character right? Another great thing is the dillemma about Evan/Genesis, if he'll become or not Apocalypse and if he'll break after all the torture Shadow King and the others are imposing on him (he's been put through hell). I do believe that this is the best thing Marvel is publishing and it's a great series of heroes looking for redemption, dealing with difficult and unspeakable choices and paths, also there is Deadpool (don't know if this is a pro or con)! Enjoy, have fun, read this!

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