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A Mixed Bag of Almost-Awesomeness

For starters, the art in this issue is still incredible. The panel in which Psylocke jumps over Bishop is stunning. Grace and aggression are captured in one unifying picture. Also, the final pages are amazing. Another artistic team is brought in to depict the new situation Psylocke finds herself in. I love when artists get switched in for a different feel when warranted. (It is highly warranted in this issue.)

I also still dig the writing. Some of the characters get some background and the plot still unfolds at a decent pace. Some don't like how the book is taking so long to get to some answers, but I love the slower approach. We are getting just enough information to keep us coming back each issue.

Three stars seems appropriate, however, because of the presentation of the story. It seems disjointed and this mostly due to a fight in the dark. One second the light is from this source and Bishop is over here. The next second the light is elsewhere and so is Bishop. It makes sense for the fight, but it is frusting as a reader. Coming at the middle of the book really throws off the groove for the ending. It's too bad, because the end is gorgeous and acts as a great springboard into the next issue. Had the fight been a bit better presented then this would have been a four-almost-five star book for sure.


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