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Is it wrong to use back on form again?

My last review used the title 'back on form'. I may have been hasty as this is truly back on form. Remender and his team fell off the horse in the last arc but are well and truly back in the mix.

Lots to talk about here but I'm going to sum up why this book has been consistently good. Remender both understands his characters and manages to put them on paper in the right way.

Wolverine, there's some insecurity over the 'animal' a recurring Wolverine theme for the past 30+ years. Remender takes this and nails Wolverine's thought process, yes I am an animal but I am okay with that this is who I am I just don't want my friends to suffer because of it. I love that Remender has stuck to his guns here and not pussied out with Wolverine.

Nightcrawler AOA, this aint our Kurt. He's different he's more evolved because he's been forced to use his powers in dire circumstances. This however has affected his mind, he deals with people differently, when he's acting 'nice' he's rally after something. But when we see his inner thoughts we see the horror in his mind. Compare this to the Kurt we saw a few issues ago and you see he's putting a front up to keep people at a distance as he's lost too many. Working with his universe's mortal enemy can't be easy but he'll do it for revenge.

Psylocke, oh my my my. How I really wasn't interested in Psylocke when this series started. Remender's been clever with her though, at times i was a bit fed up of her but he's been good enough to rein her in. Thinking back to start of Dark Angel saga, Fantomex gave her some home truths about the self-pity and ego. It's still here, she's acting totally in character. Well at least the one Remender has built, he's true to his continuity and I like it.

Fanotomex, not much to deal with here but he's had a good amount of coverage recently so makes sense to tone it down. Psylocke tears him down though, can't help think she got past some of those mind blocks and hit him where it hurt.

Deadpool, I have loved Remender's work with Deadpool. Can't help but think if he wasn't in so many books and getting in a continuity mess that he'd have developed more within this book. Either way, kudos and tang to Remender for adhering to current continuity but still getting the madcap Wade we all love. Hope he get's to put Wade at forefront of an arc soon. He's been an unsung hero a few times now.

Couple of further points. Beast is being a bit self-righteous, trying to justify your mass-murder in that brooding judgement eh? The new bad guys, a bit ugh at first but thinking about it this is a good way to bring new villains in and not going down the resurrection of the original bad guy. The back up stories, Deadpool was wasteful, the Wolverine story was excellent though and gave background to the main story.

Final point, Warren's gone so where's the money coming from?

Anyway great issue and if you're not already on board I would recommend this as a jumping on point. If you need help catching up then by all means PM me. Glad to have you on board.

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