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Back on form

In my opinion x-force has been the premier x-book for the past 2 years or so, it'd be top marvel book if it wasn't for children's crusade. This storyline though has been lacklustre, lots of strange and uninteresting concepts of otherworld and art that's just not nice to look at. I've been starting to wonder if spreading Remender out to much is impacting his work.

This book is a return to form, it's not in Dark Angel saga territory but the ending was great and a lot of the character moments were great. A big point here is psylocke, Remender's been very careful when writing her, she alwasy seems to be the damsel in distress I think she's been kidnapped about three times now, when it comes down to it though she's pretty damned hard! And so she should be, she's a telepathic ninja with a family history of being an hero but so many writers don't write her telepath powers well and don't place enough emphasis on her skills.

Let's hope the next storyline continues this return to form and hopefully better art.


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