marvelguy15's Uncanny X-Force #2 - The Apocalypse Solution : Part 2 review

Uncanny X-Force #2 Review


  Uncanny X-Force continues here and the greatness of the first issue continues too. The is use of Holocaust which is kind of cool considering he is one of those characters that were big years ago, but have for the most part vanished form Marvel's books. I also liked how the Danger room was the action scence at the start. I dont think it is used that often anymore. I really liked the tour of the new base Angel gives Wolverine and the base itself is quite awesome. I loved the scence with Betsy & Warren here and love the depiction of their relationship in this book. I loved the action at the end of this book, but am not completely sold on the new Horsemen and am super confused about the final panal. 4.5/5
Posted by Dark King

great review and nice idea using the vid.

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    THE GOODI loved how this issue started out. Because was a completely novice X-Book reader, I had forgotten about many of the tricky devices used to mislead the reader (not in a bad way). It certainly made its point, I was surprised, having a constant compulsion to turn the page and read on...After reading this, I wanted to start reading Deadpool. His character in this is just so damned entertaining. In fact, each of the characters has their own draw, but Deadpool is my favorite.I also continue t...

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    I was pretty unimpressed with the second title of this new series, which was rather unsurprising. It had all the signs of being 'not my kind of comic', including disappointing Deadpool lines (I'm a Deadpool fan), Psylocke as a main character, odd and disorienting scene changes/time jumps that lack proper explanation and transition scenes, and way too many unanswered questions. Also holy crap have you SEEN that miniature Apocalypse kid? There's a reason most comic book characters don't have...

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