gold_dust_boi's Uncanny X-Force #2 - The Apocalypse Solution : Part 2 review

Apocky Lips Jr.

Now I still maintain the the old X-Force was better.  Not the old old one, but last year's X-Force with Elixir and X-23 and co was stellar.  They had just the right amount of bloodthirsty killers and voices of reason to make them work, and I really think they should have kept the roster (and added Psylocke) and kept the numbering.  However, I really have to give them this one...Apocalypse as a child? AWESOME :)  We've seen him come back and back and back over and over again and they've even pre-set a plot device in the Marvel U that says that (like Jean Grey) whenever he dies he will eventually come back.  So knowing in advance that he'll always come back in some form kinda takes the excitement out of it...unless they ACTUALLY do something incredibly innovative like...i dont know...make him a kid.  I know some people probably groaned at this and i understand that (I had several groans about Miss Sinister myself) but I think taking a several millennium old mutant and making him a child with no knowledge except what Clan Akkaba teaches him was very smart.  That's always been one of Apocalypse claims to fame 'I'm so old" "I've been around forever" yadda yadda yadda.  But what if that got taken away from him??  I would kind of like to see child Apocalypse get his memory restored but not his super strong body and celestial tech.  Let's see how fiercesome and frightening he is when ALL he has is his regular mutant power and he's not dealing with just some slave master with a whip.

Posted by Havok80

As you know I am loving this X-force a lot! Jury is out if it will be better, but 2 issues in and I'm hooked! HA Miss Sinister is just bad! Let Angel get is revenge DAMN IT! 

Posted by Squares

Blood-thirsty, fearsome, slavemaster. There, I just spell-checked your review.
Don't abbreviate universe as 'U', it allows the possibility of mistaking the meaning for 'university'. Try adding more commas. Re-incarnating a villain as a child is by no means innovative.

Posted by Gold Dust Boi
@Squares: First, thank you for the grammatical assistance, I always appreciate the help! :)  Secondly, with most villains yeah I suppose making them a kid wouldn't really make that huge of a difference but I find it somewhat poetic in Apocalypse's specific case because, as i mentioned, his big thing was always about how he's been around forever and knows everything and blah blah it's sort of like the big slap in the face to a being like him to strip him of not just his vast knowledge but revert him to a child who actually needs to be indoctrinated into his own cause.  Its not like he's simply in a kid's body, but it's still Apocalypse with a big capital "A" and a few thousand years experience behind him.  No, this is a brand new being with no knowledge of his legacy, no emotional connection to this millennium old crusade he's suppose to lead.  That's where the innovative poetic part comes in I feel...not JUST that he was in a child's body but that that he was stripped of all the things that he was always so proud of and always relied on.

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