renchamp's Uncanny X-Force #2 - Gimme Shelter review

Lovely and Well-Paced

I can't help it, I really enjoy this book. The art is a no-brainer. Everything looks so cool in this book. Even Psylocke has this pink outline when she's using her psi-powers. Super cool stuff. The lighting is spot on for the tone; the backgrounds add to the issue; the characters look unique.

Some people may have a problem with the pacing of this series. We are two issues in and we still have no idea what is going on. Spiral is on the team? Yeah, it certainly doesn't seem like that. Bishop is the first villain the team faces? The team doesn't even exist when he shows his face. Cluster is on the "team"? Cluster is being swept off her feet by herself in another country. And here is why this works for me: I don't want or need to see a team already together and then have backstory come in later. I love that I get to see how this whole thing is going to be formed. It feels far more organic. I don't want characters just standing around talking about why they already do what they do, I want to see why they do what they do as they do it. It has been far more enjoyable seeing things unfold with more layers slowly coming to light.

I can't quite explain why this book is on my pull list - no other X-titles are. But it's just cool. It looks good. The story is different. I like it. And I like that I'll continue reading to solve the mystery of why I like it so much.


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