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The Good

Lots of good in here, I'm going to start with the Deadpool, Fantomex, Deathlok band of 'heroes'. Think about it, Deadpool, Fantomex and Deathlok not exactly a team you'd sell a book on but these three are written really well in this book. Fantomex's development under Remender has been excellent and well paced. We get this illustrated in this issue with Fantomex's internal monologue, he understands his actions have been out of character and gives his motives here. It plays out great. Deadpool's been restrained in these books and this is a good thing, the other books he's featured in have no character development and put him too much in the forefront that he becomes annoying. Deathlok's not a character I usually even care about but even he's written as a pretty good part of the team here.

I love the art, but that's nothing new since uncanny x-force launched. I also love how Archangels been morphing to look more and more like apocalypse each issue. It wasn't rushed and you see a good few examples of this in the issue, especially with the statues.

Wolverine, he's restricting in this issue which is a good thing in this case as he let's the others shine.

Archangel. Wow the dialogue here is great and you see it all across the book from Fantomex's regret at showing him The World, to the explanation to Psylocke that by creating X-force they actually fed the Archangel persona. They created him. Awesome.

Finally. ICEMAN. I loved this, too many times have I said Bobby Drake is misused and underutilised by writers. He's an original X-Man and Omega mutant, he should have developed in the decades he's been around. Jean's become a god-entity, Beast became an avenger, Cyclops is leader of the mutant race, Angel is the Apocalypse and Bobby's...what? I always loved the ultimate universe explanation of Bobby's powers and affecting him on the molecular level so I've always wanted someone to explore that. In this issue we see some of the potential of his powers being unleashed and it's pretty immense!

The Bad

Nothing, loved it.

The Nitpicking

Archangel's horsemen, these were real hard cases when they were introduced to us but they're seeming like henchmen at the moment. I can forgive that though as there wasn't much room to do anything with them in this tightly packed issue but I would like to see these characters stick around. Although given this is x-force...unlikely!

Posted by Renchamp

"I would like to see these characters stick around. Although given this is x-force...unlikely!"

Ha! Well said. And spot on about Iceman. He can't be a sarcastic twit forever, right?

Posted by thatlad

@Renchamp: Yep, I have a major problem with writers for not expanding Iceman. He's been expanded more in both the ultimate universe and even you could say in the x-men cartoons compared to the main comic continuity

Posted by IBHD

Is deadpool dead then?

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