caladbolglight's Uncanny X-Force #16 - No Such Thing review

No Such Thing

The Story

Archangel wakes up with Pestilence beside him in bed. He notes that his Angel persona is still there. Some Akkaba henchmen are discussing Archangel's plan when Fantomex, Deadpool and Deathlok sneak up and kill them, infiltrating the base. Famine destroys E.V.A with his powers and spits on Wolverine as he leaves, leaving him to burn. Archangel meets Betsy in her cell and tells her to come with him. She reveals that she still believes Warren is in there. Deathlok goes to take care of the World while Fantomex and Deadpool are ambushed by the Blob. The Blob...incapacitates Fantomex and fights Deadpool until Famine (who somehow got there really fast) defeats them both. Wolverine sneaks up on Famine and chops his hands off, promising not to kill him. Archangel and Psylocke examine the Life Seed (or the Death Seed, can't tell) as they talk about how it was X-Force's killing that allowed him to ascend. Fantomex goes to take a bath after being...incapacitated, and Wolverine goes Angel hunting. Autumn Rolfson is furious at Archangel for taking her son for granted, so Archangel kills her. Fantomex's bath is rudely interrupted by AoA Iceman, who has given up and become a bad guy, doing some very cool things with his power. Deadpool tries to help him out, but gets frozen and shattered. Meanwhile, Betsy finally tries to kill Archangel but fails. He's pleased, claiming that she is ready to become his bride. Dark Beast coaches Genocide into wiping out another section of earth, while Ultimaum watches on with the 11-year old En Sabah Nur. Fantomex escapes Iceman and ditches the rest of X-Force to leave the city. Deathlok's undercover operation is foiled, as he gets possessed by War. Wolverine ingages Iceman in battle as Betsy is stabbed by the Death Seed.

The Good

Whew, heavy stuff, so the story is really heating up, and I noticed that I'm really starting to like Fantomex. That last panel I find is truly powerful and while I expected Betsy to become the new Death, it didn't exactly surprise me. Great art and excellent writing as per usual.

The Bad

I would like to see the AoA X-Men again, and not just the Blob and Iceman (I find the Blob repulsive btw) and I think that Betsy is being slightly too hopeful for Warren, so it's a bit annoying. Also Betsy's butt on the third last panel is incredibly distractive, it's so...weird.

The Verdict

Excellent read and the suspense really picks up after the somewhat dull last issue. Things seem hopeless again and much stuff goes down, capped off with the excellent team of Remender and Opena. Wonderful.

Posted by loganchild

great review AoA xmen will be back next iss because nightcrawler will join x force

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