caladbolglight's Uncanny X-Force #13 - My World Won't Stop Without You review

My World Won't Stop Without You

Favorite Line: 
E.V.A: "I'll strive to SMASH into the location of your choosing without DETONATING or KILLING too many of our guests." 
The Story:
We start off following Fantomex's journey for the life seeds where they are encountering some resistance. They only manage to find one life seed, which creates some problems. Fantomex discovers, with some confusion involved, that the celestial technology is almost identical to the technology in the world. They manage to escape due to Gambit giving his life to blow up the entire base. We get back to The Sky, where Weapon X (Apocalypse) has just killed Kirika, Wolverine's alternate reality daughter. Wolverine then goes completely berserk on his counterpart while the rest of the X-Men fight off the Black Legion. Wild Child looses his right arm and outside, Magneto and Silver Samurai realize that they are no longer hidden from the Sentinels, who suddenly attack. The battle continues against Apocalypse but Jean decides that she needs to put a stop to it. Telepathically freezing everyone, she decides to speak to Apocalypse. He tells her that he misses her and that he wants her to join him and that he serves evolution now, not the X-Men. She realizes that he's not the Logan she loved, and attacks him with the Phoenix force. He knocks her out like it's his day-job and teleports them away. They meet up with a creepy AoA Ororo Munroe, who readies the Death Seed to use on Jean. Apocalypse wants Jean to be his Death. Wolverine and the X-Men keep on fighting the Black Legion. Iceman is revealed to have been a traitor and to have led them straight into a trap. Psylocke takes care of the Blob :), in a very humorous line. Gateway teleports the X-Men and X-Force straight to Apocalypse before he can stab Jean with the Death Seed. The battle continues. Apocalypse starts to win. Suddenly Jean vanishes. Apocalypse attacks Ororo, who is revealed to be a misdirection by Fantomex. Rogue and Sunfire join the fight. Jean forces X-Force into Gateway's portal because she feels that this is her battle. X-Force comes to in Cavern-X, where suddenly, they encounter the new Apocalypse, Dark Beast, 616 Holocaust, and the Horsemen of Apocalypse!!! 
To be continued.  
DEATHS: AoA Gambit, AoA Kirika, AoA Sunfire (possibly). 
The Good: 
Well, obviously, we only have to wait one week for the next one. AWESOME. The art was amazing for the most part, and Remender managed to make Apocalypse's rule the world with you at my side speech not cliche. Jean and Wolverine's interaction was really good, and there were several really funny lines. 
The Bad: 
I didn't like how they changed artists nearer the end, I preferred the original art. I thought Rogue was married to Magneto, but here she is flirting with Gambit, who I thought was dead. Oh well. Aside from that excellent issue.  
The Verdict: 
Battle heavy, drama heavy, cliche heavy, and yet it's the absolute perfect balance. This was the kind of issue that's still rocketing in your mind for 3 hours even after you've finished it. The last page kinda made this issue feel like build-up to me, but I'm really not complaining. It was good and proper. If your reading Uncanny X-Force, pick this up. 

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