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The Story 
Logan is reminiscing about Jean in New Atlantis, and lament how she was never really is. As he's lamenting about how she died in his arms, the AoA Jean walks up to him and starts to talk about how he may miss 616 Jean, she misses her own husband. She goes on about how she wishes her world had Xavier, how they killed Apocalypse, how AoA Wolverine got killed fighting the still-unnamed new guy, and how she wants Logan to stay with her. They end up kissing (Logan dropped a line about how he's currently seeing someone). The kiss, of course, is interrupted by a Sentinel that blasts into the dome. Jean and Logan have a small verbal duel about who gets to blow it up, but Jean wins, saying that she'd be faster. Jean gives the order to the X-Men to clear the base. We see that the X-Men comprise of Jean, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Rogue, Magneto, Wild Child, Sabretooth, Sunfire, Iceman, Silver Samurai, Logan and Mariko's daughter (Kirika), and a M.O.D.O.K made of a semi-Charles Xavier. Kirika briefs the two teams how there are life seeds where the Celestials are, and that Fantomex is going to take a team (Fantomex, E.V.A., Rogue, Cyclops & Sunfire) to get some, while Jean, Logan and the rest of the AoA X-Men and X-Force are going to go and rescue Gateway, who's being held in some Akkaba prison. Small problem: the life seed will kill Warren. Ironic, eh? Logan meets Kirika and they have the usual alternate-reality-daughter-meets-alternate-reality-father-who-she-thought-was-dead talk. Sabretooth and Logan butt heads yet again. We finally see what's on the cover when Fantomex accuses Psylocke of not loving Warren, just that she loves being needed. They kiss, because apparently there's a spark between them, or maybe it's just Fatomex's faux-frenchness. While Fantomex takes his team to get the Seed, the other team arrives at the prison. While Magneto and Silver Samurai stay with the ship, they search the prison, Logan asks Jean to return with him to 616 when all this is over. The team then gets jumped by the Black Legion (Blob, Iron Ghost [Iron Man-Ghost Rider], White Cloak [Cloak and White Tiger?], Grimm Chamber [Thing-Chamber], Zombie Sentry, Orange Hulk, Manphibian, Beta Red [female Omega Red], Demon-Ock [Doc Ock]) and the team runs. Kirika suddenly gets blasted by the alive AoA Wolverine guarding Gateway, and he seems to be the new Apocalypse! 
The Story 
So after the lengthly plot summary, let's get down to the pros and cons of this issue. The story for this arc is crazy intriguing and the art is great, but the real shiner here is the character relationships. All these people who are dead have their counterparts, and how Wolverine reacts to the people (Jean, Nightcrawler, Sabretooth, Kirika) is amazing. I found it funny how when Logan and Jean kiss, he's drops the bottle of booze. Must be one helluva kiss. The AoA the of x-Men is gritty, like the X-Men counterpart of X-Force, and there characters seems so much more interesting. They're the same, but they're also different. I find Deadpool funny, and there are some classic Deadpool jokes. And the twist at the end was pretty awesome. 
The Bad 
Relatively litlle, just a few things that I'm nit-pickety about. Sometimes the art looks a bit to Spider-Manish, where I think it should be darker. I don't like a couple of the AoA character designs. Magneto looks silly with a beard , and the Black Legion is a stupid idea in my opinion. Combining characters powers? Really? And the Blob is custy. Nipples piercings and warts all over his face? Barf. That's one card that's been played way to many times. Jean and Logan are a little to soap-operaish for my tastes, but oh well. 
The Verdict 
Uncanny X-Force is without a doubt one of the better titles on sale. For the whole thing so far, ti's been gritty, off the wall, and quite different. The art and the story has been great full through. This issue is very good and I can't wait to pick up the next one. Definitely worth the wait.
Edited by Mutant God

Gambit AoA was not in this issue that was Cyclops

Posted by caladbolglight

You're right, thanks, I'll correct it. He looked like Gambit with the staff and everything.

Posted by Namor1987

I want this issue bad

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