captainrogers's Uncanny X-Force #11 review

Worst series ever...

Sam Humphries is talented, in the way that he can make both lesbians and x-force uninteresting. If you love bad acting day time soap operas you might really like this comic. Unfortunately x-force is not the place for soap opera drama. There's nothing wrong with some romance in comic, and sure as hell nothing wrong with some lesbian heroes in the x-force books. This X-force is all drama, very little action.

I've disliked the voices for characters before. Characters Ive grown to love, I'm slowly starting to hate as I read further into this series. I've never actually "hated" a series before until uncanny x-force by Humphries, I've not cared for or been simply not interested by others sure, but never hated a series for existing until this. :(

(More of series review than a first issues review, but x-force fans should be warned)

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