caladbolglight's Uncanny X-Force #10 - The Killer Among Us review

Hulk smash? ANGEL KILL!!!!

 Just so everyone knows. I'll put the spoilers up, so if you don't like them, don't read them.

The Story

The Good

I don't know whether or not I like the previous artists work or this ones. The art is a lot more normal and tidy, whereas the previous artist had a very messy dark look that made this series so much more rough. That's all personal taste. This issue introduces us to a new ark that looks very promising and I can't wait to get the next issue. They really give Warren a sense of...can't think of the right word...that makes it seem so real. Insight into his character much :)

The Bad

Zilch, everything was great.
(This is just me, of course. ARTISTS FOLLOW CHARACTERS EYE COLOUR, HAIR COLOUR, AND HEIGHT AND WEIGHT. Though this is a realism problem that I have and has nothing to do with the issue. One thing that I wonder, however, is how Warren goes from Angel to Archangel...does he molt his feathers and his skin turns blue? Is his costume part of him? Does he still have blonde hair? Are those really claws, or is it just the artists interpretation of the beast within? And is Deathlok officially part of the team?)

The Verdict

If you haven't started to read this series, pick it up now, and you MAY be able to get the picture. If you can, read the series from the beginning because it is definitely one of the best series of the year.
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Posted by The Lobster

Rick Remender has stated in an interview that Deathlok isn't part of the team, he's just in charge of guarding the world. So think of it as he's the cave's security guard.

Posted by caladbolglight
@The Lobster : Thank you, I kinda suspected that, though it was never really fully cleared up. Thanks again!!
Posted by The Lobster
@caladbolglight: No Problem, just to show I'm not full of crap. Here's the link where he said it.

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