dark_noldor's Uncanny X-Force #1 - Let It Bleed review

An interesting beginning

I'll be honest and say that I was very frightned of reading this comic book. Rick Remender's Uncanny X-Force was one of the best comic book series I've read,so following it's footsteps wouldn't (and couldn't) be an easy task.When I first read about this new series, the thing came up to my head was "Why? Why Marvel has to continue this series? What's the point?" - it wasn't logical, UXF should have ended with Remender, the team's purpose wasn't there anymore. But then, if UFX survived Cyclops' orders, why not survive Logan's calling it quits? Now I have a title from a writer relativitely new to comic books (Higher Earth, Ultimates) and I haven't liked his run in the Ultimates, but I decided to take it a shot anyways. The final outcome was that I wasn't disapointed at all, this was quite a very good and entertaining first issue. Sure, there are a lot of flashbacks or "get acquainted to some mutant universe trivia from recent past" going on, but definitely this was a very good first issue. Mostly because it paired up Betsy and Ororo together and they're great. Also, who doesn't like Puck, the "saskatchewan sweetie"? I really liked how Humphries structured the first 10 pages, showing Logan with Betsy, then her rolling with Ororo, also the way he tried to contextualize/contemporize the UXF events with Wolverine and the X-Men, a good effort in continuity.I didnt' liked it, though, how he handled the pace in this issue, how he break the story of Betsy into Fantomex and Bishop, but I really believe this series has potential. Another great thing is how he created a new mutant, that showed promise of being a good character. Wrapping up, Garney's art was magnificent here, also beautiful colors from Marte Garcia and Israel Gonzales. Olivier Coipel's cover was awesome too. Sure, this won't be as cool as Remender's UXF, but I was really pleased to see it won't be the last place in the race too.


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    it's like a child trying to be cool and edgy...... 0

    Oh My God! What have you done Marvel? Why? I didn't read this before listening to the podcast with humphries and g-man. I wanted to get a feel of the writer. It did not give me much hope for the book. He didn't seem to know much about the x-men and it really shows in this book (i'll go more into it in the bad section). And having the nerve of disrespecting remender's stellar run didnt help. Here we go:(SOME SPOILERS)THE GOOD:The book has really good art. Garney has sold me on mohawk storm. Being...

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