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The Dream

So it's kinda the conclusion to the the first arc of Rick Remender's run on the new team of Uncanny Avengers.They are battling the Red Skull for the first time as a team and things aren't looking quite well for them.After he implanted Professor X's mind in his own head he became an unstopable force and the Avengers are up against a task like newver before.

The issue was moving in a slow pace like the rest of the issues and things like in last issues felt a lot not in the right way and a little bit forced.The build-up of this team looks too unnatural and the fact that they just fought together doesn't make them Avengers or a team at all.Rogue in this issue is a little bit like the black sheep of the team and she was never invited to stay.It looks like Remender has a different opinion on how teams are formed because in this issue we saw Captain America hugging Scarlet Witch and all of a sudden she and Rogue are part of the team.Too forced,too slow and what the hell about the story line.

I am still questioning the fact that Captain America made Havok the leader and everytime havok wants to step out,Steve always blabbers about he knows that Havok is meant to be a leader and he is perfect for the job.How the hell all of a sudden a guy that has led teams his whole life is just telling a guy that has led only one team in his life that he is the perfect leader and that he is needed.I understand that we need a new twist but it looks like Steve is scared to be the leader because of the consequences of leading a team that has mutant members.

The waiting for John Cassaday is too much.The Uncanny Avengers are getting out always so late because Cassaday needs to work in peace for everything to be perfect and in the end his artwork isn't anything good.The faces just look too damn strange and as a whole his artwork doesn't work quite well.If we are waiting for this then we better get a new artist.As a matter of fact I can't wait for Daniel Acuña to step in and start making the artwork.

The series are supposed to be one of the biggest since Marvel NOW! started but it still doesn't feel like it.The story doesn't feel anything big and Marvel are just putting way too much money and are actually trying way too much to make the Avengers even more popular.I don't know why Marvel thinks that it's all about the Avengers teams and the mutants these days.

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Posted by Namor1987

Hey can you pm me what happened this issue? I'm getting it sunday but still want spoilers

Posted by broo1232

I agree bring on Acuña! (but first Olivier Coipel :D)

Posted by TDK_1997

@broo1232: I can't stand Cassaday's style.

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