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Rapture 4 of 5

My first review on here, so dont punish me too much for my opinions.

Rick Remender's story is starting to come together more and more, in each passing issue we get a little bit more clearity, and sometimes even more twists. Last issue we had some major deaths, and in this issue I believe many expected to see a fallout from those deaths. It appears as though Remender has strayed from the path most expected and continues to unravel his tale, not leaving much in the way of emotional fallout from the previous issue.

The art here is great. I have nothing but praise for McNiven (and I admit I am a fanboi) and I really enjoyed some of the character reactions and facial expressions. I don't know very many artists that could do justice for such a morbid tale that Remender is spinning.

I think it's important to notice the Horseman's views or thoughts during this issue. You have to wonder were their true loyalty lie and what their true motivations are. There are some great (and in the case of Sentry) unnerving moments where their physical actions are there to provide a shock value and their words are there to leave us with even more questions. Sentry's words are probably most important when considering the future of this story.

Wasp has probably her best showing here since the series, holding her own for a short while against Sentry. It was also great to see her using her other powers that dont get near enough use/respect in the comics. Her short interaction with Thor was enough to bring a slight smile to my face.

Towards the end we see a character enter into the fray that is used very infrequently, and for good reason. I speculated back in Comicvines official review of UA 13 as to what events could happen. I feel delighting to find out that I was partially right. The part I was right on...well you have to read the book to find out.

I enjoy this book. Some things seem to be missing though, since the death of the Celestial that sent this into motion you would assume that a Celestial Executioner would be coming to earth, possibly Exitar. Some issues (Genesis and Angel) seem very untouched although they are very relevant to the story. Sure it's referenced in Logans torture but if Apocalypse is alive that's a big thing. Angel being alive and being amped by a Life Seed is a big thing.

My hopes rest with a Celestial coming to amp Genesis into a real, full-powered Apocalypse and his Horseman Angel to contest with these upstarts who claimed the mantel of Earths evolutionary caretakers.

Do I think it will happen, hell no, but it would be amazing to see Apocalypse come into his own in a story of such magnitude and show what he is fully capable of. (Mutant with the ability to alter his body on an ATOMIC level is HUGE, I wish his power could be shown used at its full potential)


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