sifighter's Uncanny Avengers #11 review

AHH! What is Sentry doing with his face! Uncanny Avengers 11 review

I usually like my review headings to have a joke but in all seriousness there is a scene in this issue where the revived Sentry peels open his face and it is the creepiest thing I have ever seen, and I read Marvel Zombies. So on to the story I guess, so how is our team of Avengers and X-men fairing so far against the Apocalypse twins? Not good, I mean they are just getting their butts handed to them left and right with the Four Horsemen on the attack. The team is scattered all over the place, some of them fighting( and losing I might add) and a few of them are even captured. It's not looking so good for these guys. On the other hand we do get to learn the Apocalypse Twins plans and it actually makes me wonder how evil these two actually are. I mean besides what they are doing to the Uncanny Avengers they don't seem to want to do anything inherently evil just separate Humans and Mutants after realizing there can be no peaceful coexistence. However they don't want to kill Humans, just separate the Mutants from the Humans. Maybe I'm missing something here but these two don't seem like true evil villains. I'll just have to wait for next issue I guess. Overall this series is doing really well so far, Remender is killing it here. If you aren't reading this I would suggest you do.


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