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Marvel Now! Begins.

This review is slightly longer since there's a lot I wanted to talk about.

The Good

This issue starts off with something incredily creepy seriously this issue starts and ends on a gruesome note it's an interesting way to start off an issue its an interesting way to start off an issue. This issue also has the funeral of Charles Xavier and it's really good the dialogue is perfect and the way it's done is great what is said truly feels like Wolverine's saying it from his heart. Now I haven't read consequences yet but the meeting that takes place between scott and alex summers is fairly epic (tell me if it happens in the consequences) its only two pages but it's so well written the dialogue is perfect. There is also the return of a villain we haven't seen in a while (I haven't seen him in a while was he depowered?). We also see the team beginning to come together, The scene with Scarlet Witch is great it's great to see how she feels (it's also great to see her on an Avengers team after what nasty mr Bendis did to her she is one of my favourite characters). Remender seems to be stetting up plot points already especially between Scarlet Witch and Rogue. The art is great Cassaday nails the facial expressions and the fight scenes.

The Bad

This issue is a little slow but it doesn't need to be fast it's a first issue so you have to set everything up.

The end is gruesome but it is something the Red skull would do (I said it you all should know he's on the cover to the next issue anyway).

4.5 stars.


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