kagato's Uncanny Avengers #1 - New Union review

Unanny Remender Returns!

Its a bit of an understatement to say there is some fallout after the events of Avengers vs X-men, you could even say that it was a disaster for Mutants and has put them into a position not unlike their counterparts in the Ultimate universe. Professor X is gone for good this time, Cyclops sits in a cell proclaiming himself the savior of Mutants everywhere and i guess in some aspects he is right, but the world now fears mutantkind again and this has not escaped the attention of Captain America who feels some guilt for how things turned out.

So im not going to just paraphrase the book, that would be a huge disservice to anyone looking to pick this up, and pick it up you should! Rick Remender has a great track record, his previous titles such as Venom, Uncanny X Force and Secret Avengers have created for me a more believable and gritty take on the Marvel universe. This continues in this book, the final page had my jaw hitting the floor and i honestly cant wait to see how he continues. There isnt a single wasted panel in this book, infact if i had to complain at all its because i wish there was just a few more pages. John Cassady's art is astounding too and perfectly compliments Remenders writing, its bright and well defined and when it needs to get gruesome or dark it does that without looking too over the top.

If you where on the fence about this book at all my recomendation to you is to get out there and buy it before it vanishes off the shelves. Not all of the major pieces are in play right now but like all of Remenders work there is a lot going on behind the scenes, lots of threads all going their own way until he is ready to weave them together. Believe me, you will want to be there when he does!

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Posted by That60sGuy

Couldn't agree more. Before I bought this issue I was sure Superior Spider-Man or Avengers would be my favourite Marvel Now! title but now they have a lot to live up to and I won't be surprised if this book remains my favourite. One of the best issues I've read in a long time.

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