Uncanny Avengers #1

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The Good

This comic starts off with a pretty gruesome scene. Let's just say someone is getting a procedure done. This immediately sets the tone of the book and will make you wonder who is behind the bad things that will be coming.

Even though we have the CONSEQUENCES mini-series, there is obviously some fallout being seen here. The X-Men need to deal with the loss of one of their own. It may be another comic book death but seeing the service for it makes it feel a little more real.

What about the character that took the fall during AVENGERS VS. X-MEN? It may be uncertain what his fate will be. We'll likely see more of that in CONSEQUENCES. We do get to see where he is being kept locked up as he receives a visitor. It's a reunion that is fitting and even overdue. This perfect timing leads to an attack which will hopefully lead to the formation of a new team of Avengers.

The Marvel Universe has changed a little. Mutants are seen in a different light once again. Despite the minor victory they have received, there is a new level of fear which brings back a familiar feeling. The point of mutants in Marvel Comics was their struggle trying to survive and be heroes in a world that feared them. Whether it's cliché or not, I welcome that old feeling. Having a team of Avengers with mutants mixed in to try to ease the tension the public will have adds a different kind of difficulty to the team dynamic. Rick Remender has a lot cut out for him in dealing with the change in public perception but clearly he will handle it with ease.

It's great to have John Cassaday back on a monthly title. The opportunity to draw members of the X-Men and Avengers is something look forward to.

The Bad

Captain America's new-ish costume just looks kind of weird. I'm always torn when Cassaday draws the giant chain-mail scales on Cap. I don't know where it's explained why he changed his costume and why he's now wearing a helmet but it just looks a little odd.

Despite everything that has happened, we're still seeing anger issues from characters like Rogue. The fight between the Avengers and the X-Men is supposed to be over but Rogue is quick to start a fight right away after the services. It's understandable that she would be upset but she's also the one that has pretty much been leading her own squad in X-MEN LEGACY. She should have more restraint than that.

The Verdict

It's a new beginning in the aftermath of the battle between the Avengers and the X-Men. It makes perfect sense that we're finally seeing this marriage between two of Marvel's biggest franchises. The potential for the formation of a new team of Avengers with members from both teams is going to be interesting and Rick Remender is definitely the man to pull it all together. There is a new level of tension in the Marvel Universe that won't make being a hero easy. The idea of who this squad will face right away is intriguing. There may be elements that make this team feel a little too cookie cutter-ish but I can't wait to see how it turns out. There were moments where John Cassaday's art was off a little but the idea of him drawing all these characters is something to get excited for.


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