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Created in the early 1990's by Caliber Press' off-shoot Gauntlet Comics, this team was a military style squad answering not to one or two countries but to the United Nations. The team initially consisted of the following members:

Real name: Hector Rodriguez-Colon
Nation: Columbia
Powers: A pyrokineticist who can cause objects to spontaneously combust, however, this process creates a deadly biofeedback on living tissue.

Real name: Fang Li
Nation: China
Powers: enormous physical strength. Once moving, becomes irresistible force, once rooted, becomes immovable object.

Real name: Han Ixlandho
Nation: Canada
Powers: Can channel the electron energy of the magnetic field of the Earth and give him the power of flight. His powers diminish away from the poles.


Real name: Reginald Antilles
Nation: Great Britain
Powers: Semi-invulnerable, unparalleled swordsman, enhanced strength, and horse (equinox) can short range teleport.

Real name: Oyo Njeri
Nation: Nigeria
Powers: A healer and controls two very powerful ancestral elemental spirits. Ibejis- dominion over thunder and lightning and Igbomina which has dominion over wind and storm.

Real name: Chandra Sanjavi
Nation: India
Powers: An empath capable of sensing and altering an individual’s emotional state. Power is based on strength of victim’s personality.

Real name: Xia Xiang
Nation: China
Powers: Metamorph from human to dragon form.

Real name: Ibn hassan el-Saud
Nation: Saudi Arabia
Powers: can generate enormous bioelectric fields, which also give power of flight

Real name: Jason Dummfries
Nation: Australia
Powers: can generate limited temporal fields inside which time turns back 60 seconds.


Real name: Derek Scott
Nation: USA
Powers: Enhanced strength, speed, and endurance and can speed up his metabolism. Also high tech weapons.

(The two parts of FUSION)
Real name: Christa Van Der Merwe and Kwazii m’Bphuto
Nation: South Africa
Powers: Indigo can absorb light, creating fields of darkness and Ivory can create white out effects with light. Together, they have the additional power of becoming different lightwaves.

Real name: Ahmad Mahfouz al-Aqqad
Nation: Egypt
Powers: Can focus genetically engineered powers through three different helmets. Falcon for flight, hippopotamus for strength, and fox for telepathy/mind reading. Only one helmet can be used at a time.


Real name: Viktor Krushenko
Nation: Russia
Powers: Special armored outfit allows Sputnik to exit earth’s atmosphere for short period of time and he has super sensitive eyes which allow long range reconnaissance.

Real name: Hans Kruegar
Nation: Germany
Powers: Nuclear powered armor which allows forceblasts, eye blasts, enhanced strength, and limited invulnerability.

Real name: Basileus Gordon III
Nation: USA
Powers: semi-invulnerability, flight, and massive blasts of stellar energy can be controlled by him.

Real name: Jean Claude Bertrand
Nation: France
Powers: telekinetic fields of energy

Real name: Unknown
Nation: USA
Powers: long range teleportation

Real name: Gretchen Ziegenbalg
Nation: Germany
Powers: Absorb and channel various forms of energy and thereby create energy buildups through the domino effect.

Real name: Ernestine Fuentes
Nation: Mexico
Powers: Can alter probablilities, good or bad luck spells at specific targets

Real name: Jacob Roseman
Nation: Israel
Powers: Can fire a mystic force blast, make force fields, and has power of flight

Real name: Montgomery O'Shea
Nation: Ireland
Powers: Can shrink from one meter to one decimeter. His strength and density however, remain the same.

Real name: Nastassja Rulalenska
Nation: Ukraine
Powers: Enormous physical strength

Real name: Keiko Aieyasu
Nation: Japan
Powers: Electronically enhanced abilities allow her to phase through solid objects. Highly skilled in weapon use.

Real name: Irma Klausvichnova
Nation: Russia
Powers: Derived from three mystic diadems , the hammer gives strength, the sickle which gives her limited clairvoyance, and the star which gives her flight and creates a blinding light.

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