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Originally a magician from the alien Faltine race, Umar traveled to the Dark Dimension after being exiled by her own race for killing her progenitor Sinifer with the help of her brother Dormammu, and was briefly its monarch. She is often on conquests and will not hesitate to hurt anybody stopping her from getting power. This trait of hers has brought her into conflict with (then Sorcerer Supreme) Doctor Strange. Strange was the mentor and lover to her daughter Clea, so she often ends up fighting her as well. She is also enemy to Dormammu, the demon who currently rules the Dark Dimension.

Mayor Story Arcs

Opposing the Defenders

Umar Battles Doctor Strange

During the Defenders volume 3 mini-series, she and her brother, Dormammu the Dread, formulated a plot to absorb the entirely of Eternity. Naturally, they were opposed by Doctor Strange and his allies, Namor, and Hulk. Though, Strange, Namor, and Hulk were quickly dealt with by Dormammu (having his powers connected with Umar) and his legions of Mindless Ones, Dormammu still did not finish them off. He instead, appointed one of his lizard-like minions to deal with torturing Strange and Namor after he gained Dr. Strange's amulet. Umar on the other hand, being impressed by the Hulk's raw brutish strength and pathetic intellect, took the Hulk with herself into her courters in hopes of making him her next king. After a short bit, Dormammu and Umar took their leave to Dr. Strange's Sanctum in order to obtain the portal that would enable them to travel to the heart of creation. After a sweeping Wong aside, Dormammu and Umar open the portal via the amulet and meet Eternity at the hear of creation. It is then that they "kill" the avatar of Eternity. However, Umar, being the more manipulative of the two, convinces Dormammu to go inside of Eternity's "blood" alone and do all of the hard work for her. After Dormammu gained the power of creation, he recreated all of the earth in his own image; as an ugly and dirty planet, ruled by an absolute dictator, and kept in check by dark versions of the Earth-616 heroes. After some events transpire, Umar, for her own selfish reasons, allies herself with the recently freed Doctor Strange and Namor. After a battle between them and Dormammu (who was previously fooled by Strange to come out of his "god" form), Umar forcibly takes Eternity's power from the defeated Dormammu, and in turn becomes god of the universe. Though, not being even remotely interested in the fate of the earth, she reverses all the effects and damages Dormammu had done and takes her leave.

Powers & Abilities

Umar Herself

Umar possesses a great potential for manipulating magic, allowing her to form shields, move objects, summon creatures, etc. Her powers dwarfs Doctor Strange and rivals Dormammu, but she also lacks the same control to channel said energies. Due to her mysticality, she is immortal (and thousands of years old), and partially passes this trait to her daughter Clea, who has slowed aging. Umar has the appearance of a thirty-to-forty year old, but she has a far more dense body (due to her alien physique) and so is a good deal stronger and heavier than an Earthling. She often has minor demons "serving" her--a strategy which could likely backfire.

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