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Ulysses Dragonblood is an ancient member of the Deviant Race and a founding member of the The Damocles Foundation. Mindful of the incipient power of human mutants, Ulysses, along with a bizarre coalition of dissident Eternals, Deviants, and humans; formed this organization in the hopes of controlling mutant kind. It is led by his brother, Odysseus Indigo. At some point Dragonblood comes to doubt the Damocles Foundation’s direction and comes into open conflict with it and his brother over the powerful mutant Arcadia, who is able to manifest her thought-forms.

 Dragonblood and Arcadia

Dragonblood realized that the foundation and his own brother had less than altruistic intentions for the mutant Arcadia who possessed Reality warping powers similar to Franklin Richards. He took her and fled and came to serve as the protector of Arcadia

Meeting X-force

 Ulysses defeats Cannonball

While on the run from the Damocles Foundation, he ended up in Kentucky, in the same coal mine that Cannonball's father had worked all his life. Mistaking the flying farmboy for a member of "The Sword" he engaged him in battle and defeated him. Further fleeing led to the Sword locating them and int he ensuing battle cannonball and the rest of X-force assisted them in defeating their enemies. After the conflict Arcadia had to be sedated and Ulysses lost an arm. 
He thanked the mutants for their help and hoped they never met again.


Next he journeyed to the mutant sledge who revealed to him that the foundation was getting desperate to retrieve Arcadia and had recovered a celestial Gatherer. When X-Force arrived they traveled with him to the foundations Brazil base where they rescued Selene and Sunspot. The gatherer was then taken over by selene and later destroyed with the combined powers of Arcadia and Moonstar. The threat resolved they parted on friendly terms again. 
Upon returning to sledge's junkyard Arcadia powers went out of control and she recreated the demon bear which had long ago terrorized Dani Moonstar. In the panic that ensued she fled from Ulysses to gain help from Dani.
When Ulysses and X-Force arrived in San Francisco Arcadia had created an imaginary place from her fantasies and as they entered the place Ulysses became her dragon companion. He battled x-force uncontrollably in this new reality until cable reverted him to normal with his Psi-Scimitar.  The conflict was ended when Dani used her transmuted abilities to destroy this new reality. Arcadia returned to normal and Ulysses took her back into hiding.

Skills and Abilities

 Sedating Arcadia

This "deviant" Deviant has demonstrated superhuman stamina, strength, and healing. He has the ability to sedate opponents with contact, and is unaffected by power-negation, at least that which is possessed by his brother. He has eluded and opposed an organization capable of imprisoning the powerful mutant Selene, the Black Queen of the Hellfiire Club with great ease because of his stealth.
In addition he is an expert in hand to hand combat forms having trained every member of the sword/new deviant team. He is an excellent hunter


The powerful reality altering mutant Arcadia, and the members of X-Force.
He also bears and uncanny resemblance to hulk nemesis Abomination.

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