What I'm looking forward to in 2013

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2013 looks like a good year for comics we have the arrival of several new series some events launching and ending and several awesome series continuing. I’m going to say what I’m most looking forward to in comics it may be events, series, story arcs anything there will only be 10 and they will all be from series I’m buying at the minute or intend to buy.

10. Uncanny Avengers 5

This series hasn’t even got onto its second issue yet it should have done but it was delayed the first issue I really liked it but I find it annoying that it’s facing delays. This issue introduces Sunfire, Wonder Man and best of all Janet Van Dyne the Wasp who recently came back in Brian Michael Bendis’s Avengers end times story she’s a great character and I’m happy to see her back this issue also by the look of it is more of a character development issue after the Red Skull story arc it also has the return of the Grim Reaper who as I understand it was dead or was he brought back in Chaos War I don’t know but it also says that an Avengers kills a major character who? This really does make me want to pick up the issue but it wouldn’t be in the top 10 if not for one reason OLIVIER COIPEL IS DRAWING IT!!!!! And that’s reason enough to get it.

9. Avengers 5 and 6

This may seem weird but I always loved the cosmic side of Marvel I never read a lot but what I did read I liked a lot I really liked some of the War of Kings stuff and some of the old Nova stories and one of the things I liked from the Dark phoenix saga was the Imperial Guard yeah sure Gladiator had a really bad haircut but the characters were pretty cool and I liked the idea of an elite alien task force. When I saw the cover to issue 5 I was like I can’t wait to read this yeah my brother is getting it but he always lets me read them the idea of one of the imperial guard on the team was even better and to hear that the whole of the Imperial guard were going to be in it was even better but it doesn’t look good for them as apparently they have been defeated on the moon the blue area of the moon possibly? Also the covers for this issue is really nice. Issue 6 is really cosmic I mean look at it there’s a giant blue woman who apparently according to this is the universe a sentient version of the universe and Captain universe stars in it well Hickman said they weren’t just going to be defending new York and all this plus Adam Kubert art!

8. Indestructible Hulk 3 and 4

I still haven't read the first issue but the reviews have been good and I never drop a series until after 5 or so issues but I doubt this series is going to be bad though these two issues look great though. The whole premise of this series is great the Bruce Banner decides to stop saying woah is me and instead tries to enjoy life more and joins shield I'm also glad to see him fighting against villains he doesn't normally fight I mean when did the Hulk last fight Attuma? It sounds interesting and I will definitely buy it. I always liked the Hulk and he is in my top 5 characters coming 5th but sometimes I find he is poorly written but I doubt this will be considering how well Mark Waid has been doing on Daredevil and I truly love that series. Lenil Francis Yu is a great artist he has such a unique style that fits the Hulk really well with him looking very strong and powerful.

7. Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1

Like I said I'm a sucker for a good cosmic story or series and I hope this will be good my brother is getting this one as well but I should read it and I hope it's good I know a lot of people are skeptical about Bendis taking it over but give the guy a chance his runs on Ultimate Spider-man and Daredevil are really popular yes his run on Avengers wasn't great but give the guy a chance. This does sound interesting though as it will show the origin of Peter Quill and how he becomes Star-lord this series should be good because of the solid Star-lord mini story in the point one while it was good there was nothing amazing in it but the series should be better. I'm also hoping this series features the return of several cosmic villains most importantly THANOS!!! He is one of the all time great villains. If the writing isn't good the art will be Steve McNiven never fails to give great visuals.

6. Wonder Woman 16 and 17

This series is one of the best out of the new 52 in my opinion a great blend of action and mythology and mystery it's very well written and beautifully drawn. The reason these two issues get me interested is the return of Orion and the expansion of Diana's family this whole story has pulled me in and I am really enjoying it issue 17 looks great and 16 almost as good but the reason issue 17 looks so good is the origin of the first born his whole story has really interested me as has the whole of Diana's complicated family and especially Orion who I have been waiting to see he originally seen in issue 12. The art has been fantastic as well Cliff Chiang is a talented guy although he is drawing issue 16 and Tony atkins is drawing issue 17 they both should be good.

5. All new X-men 5

This issue is the one I've been waiting for this is the reason I picked this series up this is what I wanted to see this series do sooner rather than later and issue 5 is exactly where I wanted to see it issues 1-4 set everything up and had the inevitable Cyclops, Cyclops fight while this should be good this is what I was waiting for Jean Grey coming to terms with what the older version of her has done destroying planets becoming a God, dying, coming back and then dying again this will make for a interesting issue. Another selling point of this issue is the art Stuart Immonen is one of my favourite artists and I even and made a blog post about why he's such a great artist and his talent for capturing emotion should make this a great issue. The cover is great as well and I love the younger Jean's face stuck so nicely in the middle of it all and all the events of her life are so nicely laid out this is a truly fantastic cover and in the corner is the marriage between Jean and Cyclops it is so good!

4. Rotworld

I love Swamp-thing it is probably my second favourite book out closely followed by Uncanny X-force and Wonder Woman and this Rotworld story has been plain amazing the art by Yanick Paquette leaves me speechless every time I look at it I love it more and more the page layouts are nothing sort of fantastic and the action is so dynamic. Rotworld is probably my favourite crossover all time and Scott Snyder has brought the best Swamp-thing series since Alan Moore's run and I hope Scott never leaves. Before we get to the finale of the story Swamp-thing goes to Gotham and I cannot wait for it he goes to Arkham Asylum and we end up meeting the residents of the Asylum Joker two face? Either way it should be great and I cannot wait for it happens and the cover to issue 16 looks fantastic and so beautiful. For the finale of the story it will rejoin with Animal-man to finish it off apparently issue 17 of Swamp-thing has a massive twist so they can sort out this mess either way it should be great I think it's a four point story arc between the two because I hope even though Marco Rudy is good I would prefer for Paquette to finish it off considering he may be leaving to do Wonder Woman Earth one with Grant Morrison or that's what the rumour is so I would like to see him going out with a bang.

3. Death of the Family

This is by far the most hyped story arc of the year and although I have only read issue 13-14 and the #0 this is probably my favourite series followed by Swamp-thing this is the best story I have read in years the Joker is creepy the story is creepy the whole story is so tense and you don't know what's going to happen next the first two issues have been incredible and the whole of this story arc better be as well there is so much riding on Scott Snyder and what he is doing but I doubt he is going to fail because he is such a great writer and really knows how to write Batman and the Joker. What I also love about this story arc is it's not just an all out action thriller but a psychological thriller as well since the Joker is playing with Batman and messing with his head by taking away his friends most importantly Alfred and saying he will kill all of the other Bat family members so that Batman will be stronger and things will go back to the ways it originally was with Batman and the Joker. The art by Greg Capullo is great he is a fantastic artist and fits Batman so well and his covers are fantastic and so creepy.

2. Throne of Atlantis

I don't buy Aquaman or Justice League I want to get them but Money restraints mean I can't buy them but with Christmas coming up I may get a little money and I have decided to get this little crossover since it sounded pretty good from the premise. I always liked Aquaman as a character having read Brightest day and he was pretty good in that and well I'm a sucker for a good little crossover which it what I like about what DC are doing at the minute Marvel are going for large events with perhaps the occasional mini crossover such as the omega effect and Exiled these large events aren't actually very good Avengers vs X-men was alright but was riddled with problems especially in the first 5 issues and most of there other events weren't very good as well the only good thing about Fear itself was the Art. But DC are doing little mini events between certain books Death in the family with any book with a Bat family member in it Rise of the the third army in the Lantern books and Rotworld in Swamp-thing and Animal-man this really appeals to me as we don't have to get endless tie-ins to get the full story like with the Marvel events I really like this. This event does sound promising though with Geoff Johns saying it's more character centric and will answer some of the questions running through Justice League such as the Superman and Wonder Woman relationship which should be interesting and I can't wait to read it and the art by Ivan Reis should be good as he did some great stuff on Blackest night. The event should be good and I hope it answers a lot of questions.

1. Age of Ultron

I have been waiting for this for ages when Bendis first hinted at it in his first Avengers story after Siege and the moment I heard it about it I was already crazy about it Ultron is my favourite Avengers villain and I couldn't wait to see this happen and when Bendis did issue 12.1 I went mad for it it looked so good and I wanted to see more Brian Hitch art I mean his stuff on Ultimates was great especially on Ultimates 2 with the massive fight scene which in my opinion is the greatest full scale battle even to be seen in comics everything happened really quickly and it was full of plot twists and the art was amazing and even had a four page spread that was so impressive. I know I said that I don't like a lot of Marvel events but this one I have been waiting for ages to be printed and at least it's not another hero vs hero event like civil war and Avengers vs X-men which is good considering it's a bit cliché. We also get a sort of Age of Apocalypse ordeal with the Heroes having to fight back after the world's come to an end we also get the return of Moon Night! Who hasn't appeared since he's series ended so this should be interesting also apparently the ending is so shocking that only 6 people know about it in the world. After issue 5 we get an artistic change from Brian Hitch and then too Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco so this should be interesting to see. My only complaint is 3 issues ship in both March and April which I find annoying so I will probably end up cutting back on other stuff to get this but it is a good thing because we don't get long dragging series like Avengers vs X-men which ran over 6 months which I found really annoying when it would have been better if they shipped faster. No matter what the shipping date is this is my number one launch for 2013 and I can't wait.

Some people may be looking forward too JLA but I didn't put in on here because I don't have the money I do want to get it but I have to be realistic and cut back some people may be interested in the new Nova series but I am not even if I do like the Cosmic side of Marvel all the things I put here are merely what I can afford. Also I do buy other series such as Winter Soldier, Daredevil and Daredevil end of days but they didn't grab me as much compared to these because I wasn't exactly excited for the new creative team to come on since Brubaker has been killing it on the series and the Daredevil solicitation was a bit vague I am also going to get Young Avengers.

Please in the comments below tell me what your looking forward too most.

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Brilliant blog post, looking forward to all these bar Guardians of the Galaxy

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@johnkmccubbin91: Thanks! And could you maybe tell other people about this? Just asking :)

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I can't wait to read #5. Hoping it's emotional, funny, inspiring and makes her a better hero.

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Did you read Age of Ultron #2?

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