Ultron feats

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post Ultron feats although i know no one prob will .......
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Apparently according to the Avengers story currently kills all of kangs army and all of the avengers.
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Does anyone know the most powerful version of Ultron, like is it the one from the Annihilation Conquest?

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Well Ultron is made out of Adimantium he has a lot of Intell of the Avengers and leads an army of female programed robots.

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Well he makes the Avengers crap themselves in fear everytime he meets them.

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Someone contribute some greatest feats....I want to know more about him

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Bump. Does anyone have any images of any of his feats?

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Hank, Ultron's creator, admits that Ultron is smarter than Marvel's mental heavy weights.

Ultron can regenerate

As you know, he's made of Adamantium, and he can hit like Thor's hammer.

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