Ultimatum Thoughts

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okay so alot of people have been rather harsh on this snuff film of a comic book series, but now that its over and the ultimate universe can heal is there anyone who liked some aspects of ultimatum and hope that this massive blow to the world is for the better of future stories.


also on the last page of ultimatum who is that woman in the shadows is it wanda or magda

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I wasn't totally thrilled about what happened in Ultimatum, but to be honest i'm pretty excited to see what is going to happen now that it's over. UCSM and UCA look like they're going to be great. As for the other ultimate titles that come out...who knows.

The most disappointing thing about Ultimatum to me was the fact that it took FOREVER for it to come out, and yet the story still felt rushed? How does that happen? And I'm bummed that the whole ultimate rick jones thing was just thrown out the window. It could have, and more importantly, should have been handled better. I've see Loeb write better than that and for how important this arc is to the ultimate universe it needed to be much better written.

I think the shadow woman is Zarda, to be honest.

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