Ultimates 3: good or bad?

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I've been hearing heaps of complaints about Ultimates 3, some of which I agree with, like the Jeph Loeb has completely changed the tone for the worse. Beforehand the Ultimates was known for it's smart storytelling and subtle commenting on social and political matters while still being a superhero story, whereas now it's completely different. On the upside however, I love Joe Madureira's art, which alone makes it worth buying. Not that there's anything wrong with Bryan Hitch, just not my thing. What do you guys think?

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ultimates 3 just does not compare to the ultimates 1 & 2, joe mads art is droolworthy but hitchs art had substance and a feeling that even the background a part in the story ( while joe, if you notice, barely bothers with background). as for loeb, i jus feel his writing has just been a letdown, but his arc isnt finished yet so we will have to see

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