Ultimate Secret.

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IN the new Ult handbook Thor Namor and others are class 100 strength. The continuity is already screwed up.

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What are they suppost to be?

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I'm guessing that's the rank and not a power reading. For them to be ranked in the top power level understandable. There's nothing wrong with it.

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100 tons is not equal to 12 tons which s what Hulk was professed at maxing at..Hulk or Thor or Colossus or something. But now like the 616 the characters are in the 100 level. It seems like they throw out the old ideas that sttarted the Ult univ when the creative team switches.

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Sling Shot says:

"IN the new Ult handbook Thor Namor and others are class 100 strength. The continuity is already screwed up."

...DAMMIT!!! One of the reasons I liked the Ultimate universe so much was that their strength wasn't so unbelievable. You had to suspend some belief, but it wasn't totally science fiction... that's what the Ultimate universe was supposed to be, more science fact rather than science fiction. When all of these characters were created 60-some years ago science and technology wasn't nearly as advanced as it is now, neither was our understanding and things like radiation were magic sources of power. But the Ultimate Universe is supposed to be more believable, like Giantman for instance. It's physically impossible for a human to get over 59 feet tall, we'd collapse on ourselves, which is why Ultimate Giantman couldn't get over 59 feet like 616 Giantman could. I should had known it was all going to go downhill when the Ultimate Giantmen were able to get 100 feet tall.

One of the original creators of the Ultimate Universe actually commented in an interview that new writers are coming on and aren't completely aware of the differences between the Ultimate and 616 universes so they tend to write them like their 616 counterparts.

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I don't see the big deal about it. But that's just me. And DEADPOOL, you might want to edit your post.

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