Question about the Marvel Ultimate series..

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So one of my co-workers just got me into Marvel...  I read his 4 The Ultimates Books and then Ultimate X-Men and I loved them all... 
Therefor I really want to get into the Ultimate universe..  I am definitely going to pick up the Ultimate Thor issues because I thought he was incredible in the Ultimates books...  Do you folks have any other recommendations for comic series in the Ultimate universe? 

He's been reading comics for the last ten years or so I take most of his advice when it comes to comics and he said the dude that writes most of Marvels stuff now, Brian David Bendis (or something like that... He has three names.. You probably know who I am talking about by now) is a terrible writer that just does stereotypical stories all the time...  You guys agree with that?  I gonna check out a few of his comics to see if I like him myself but I was wondering if that was the general consensus among fans. 

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Brian Michael Bendis really isn't a horrible writer...but that's beside the point....if you're looking for a good Ultimate book then check Ultimate Spider-man start with issue 1...really good stuff and the start of the Ultimate Universe

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Brian Michael Bendis isn't a horrible writer. At least I don't think so. I just think that his plots are horrible. As for the ultimate universe Ultimate Spiderman is good, and I also liked Ultimate Fantastic Four.

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Cool, I will definitely pick up Ultimate Spiderman and I'll check out Ultimate Fantastic Four... For some reason I have never really been interested in them... Is Silver Surfer in it? 
Also, good to hear that writer isn't garbage.

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I for one think Brian Michael Bendis is awesome.

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Bendis isn't a bad writer he just apparently hates Marvel fans

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Can you explain that for a relative comic noob? 
I'm guessing you mean he has written good stuff in the past but you don't like his Marvel stuff?
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Brian Michael Bendis does some very good work, but on characters that he is more comfortable with. For example, his run on ultimate spider-man and Daredevil are great series, but some may argue that his run on New Avengers and Avengers is week. I personally like Bendis, but sometimes he can be irritating lol. He did some major events for Marvel, like Secret Invasion which I thought wasn't very good, but he also did Siege which was much better.
Like the others, I recommend you read ultimate spider-man.

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Bendis is good, but lately his marvel stuff isn't up to par to his old stuff.

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I love Bendis work. The only real problem have with him is sometimes he can pack issues with a lot of dialouge. Most of it is funny, while some of it drags on during the story. 
Ultimate Spider-man is my favorite in the Marvel Universe. Ultimates 1 and 2 were great as well, and if you're an Iron Man fan, I recommend Ultimate Armor Wars.

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i'm one of the bendis haters. his story's are weak. he tries too hard with his stuff. kinda over does it. i know thats what a lotta comics are about but the best don't. look at late 90's comics way over exagerating and trying to tell you how important they are. that's my opion anyway

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