Obama in the Ultimate U, Marvel Republican?

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We've seen the commander in chief be controlled by pietro, whilst holding his head in his hands like a scared child, we've seen him now in the ultimates, make what are clearly boneheaded decisions. I can only wonder, is this Marvel being payed off by the Republicans to inspire hate for our current president? The very same company who made an ASM comic, specifically for the inauguration of said president? It seems mighty strange, how he seems to continuously be called on in this title to look like a fool. As though they are trying to make Obama be reflected in comics, thus calling the real deal a fool who can't handle the pressure of running the free world and wages war out of that fear, ironically I feel like I'm describing our republican president prior. I'm not taking sides, elephant, donkey, whatever. But why such idiocy, why the negative portrayal? not for the sake of the story, the need for conflict within, but because comics are an openly bought merchandise of registered voters. and if he's colored that way in the book, he'll be seen that way in real life.

At best Marvel is just abunch of pimps and prostitutes that act like cowards and take sides with whoevers on the winning side at the time.

at worst, they got a pay off from the republican party early on and are just doing their part on the contract like the greedy slobs they are.

My only real question is this: If he were John Mccaine, would the outcome be the same?

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This is the most hilarious political/comics thread I have ever seen.

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Someone must have read the latest Ultimates...

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Well you've got the city and tian doing who know what. Shield has proven to be useless against both. All the Nimrods. And the president can't be rash and make a bad call when all this happens?

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Actually Obama isn't the President in the ultimate universe. Its a completely fictional character. You see if you read Ultimate Avengers v New Ultimates, you'll see the president isn't obama, In most current ultimate titles (before his death) he's drawn in the shade so we never see him.

i don't think it matters anyway from an ideological point useing the Nimrods or firing all the nukes at the city does not make him any conservative or liberal in nature. To quote Howard MacMillian:

"Events, dear boy, events"

This means that at the end of the day ideological and political views means very little when it comes to rapidly changing events.

Also.... Back in old days, Millar portrayed Bush as being very pro mutant, which is something a republic would not be

Finally, if marvel wanted some favors from a republic government they would lobby them

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