Bendis and JoeQ to end their comicbook careers by trashing over Ultimates verse?

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Poll: Bendis and JoeQ to end their comicbook careers by trashing over Ultimates verse? (6 votes)

[ Bendis is the best ] 0%
no more mutants, no more phoenix, [no more kirby, no more stan, no more Ultimates] 17%
well when its all over its gonna feel like you took the biggest dump of your entire life 33%
Woof 17%
Hubba Hubba 17%
that big headed shmendrick tosses a grenade at us 17%
there's no such thing as chaos magic 17%
no more, stop raping me all of you, stop raping me, stop the RAPE 33%
fat furniture, shut your cowmouth or i'll remove your face by hand before i stop your whoresheart 17%
[ let's replace Ultimates with Spider-Woman, the Hood and Sentry] 17%
[ Bendis sucks ] 50%

Thread re-launched by request of jloneblackheart, the discussion was to adult rated

this is the PG-13 / universal version

I've tried to restore the thread using google cache but only found my own user names post, apologies to those who see their posts deleted

I don't read Marvel anymore, I still buy the odd book like Ironman's Extremis, Cap's Winter Soldier, Annihilation Saga, Nova, Joss Xmen, JMS Thor...but overall I feel the company is going the wrong direction and people like Bendis have ruined the vision, Bendis and his bunch have destroyed the original vision from people like Stan Lee, Simonson, Starlin, Kirby laid down for the characters.

.>>>...So JoeQ kicked JMS off Thor and Bendis sucks...what else is new


>>>If you don't like it don't buy it

Thing was back in the day you still could avoid Bendis books, you could hide out in other Marvel comics... the problem now is he's everywhere, EVERYWHERE. he's screwed Avengers, his hands are in Xmen, he is in the cosmic line now, and finally with this Ultron-BS he's sending 616 Galactus to trash up Ultimates Universe

and now for the real evidence of fail

his writing


Bendis dialogue

#1 Posted by joshmightbe (24819 posts) - - Show Bio

No more Bendis, Joe Q or Ultimate Marvel? I need to know when this is going to happen so I can enjoy Marvel again.

#2 Posted by CharlieJade (415 posts) - - Show Bio

restored some more of the old thread

Dark_Guyver (910 posts)

Marvel and Joe Q have been crapping on fans for years. I got out about a year ago and glad I did from all I've been hearing about what's going on in the Marvel U.


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