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It’s a mutant massacre at Xavier's! In the wake of Ultimatum -- a band of humans have stolen Sentinel technology and attack Xavier's mansion -- killing any mutant they see. With the X-Men locked in battle with Magneto -- can anyone save these students? Their greatest hope might rest in the hands of their worst enemy as the Weapon X program returns!

Syndicate is surrounded by Stryker and his supremacist cell armed with Sentinel tech. He can feel Matt dying. Stryker tells him that his son died in the tidal wave. He says someone has to pay. Syndicate tries getting into his head but dies before he can make Stryker do anything.

At Department H, Rogue is "interrogating" Sabretooth to find out Magneto's location. He's not going to talk but Rogue simply touches him on the nose to get information. Sabretooth laughs it off and promises Rogue horrible memories that will give her nightmares. Not getting anything useful, she finally has to give up. She sees Wraith working Juggernaut for information. He claims he's dumb and no one tells him anything. Psylocke interrupts (using Cerebro) calling out for any mutants to help because the school is under attack. Rogue wants to go back but Wraith says they were trained for the big leagues - Magneto. He's killed millions.

Back at the school Liz and Toad seem to be the last mutants. They are taken down but reinforcements arrive before they are killed. Rogue, Wraith, Juggernaut and Sabretooth fight the humans. Wraith recognizes Stryker (from his dad) and tells him let go of his hate and go home). Sabretooth is mad after getting shot into another room. Before he can return to the fight, Madrox tells him Magneto wants him. Sabretooth leaves, knowing the others are fighting a losing battle. Juggernaut gets shot in the eye with poison. He says he's dying and tells Rogue to take his powers. She hesitates and does. Rogue jumps at them saying she'll kill them all. She manages to get a hold of Stryker and sees his anger. She asks him if it was all worth it. Styker says yes. Mutants are killers and deserve to be hated and feared.

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ultimate x-men good? 0

ultimate x-men was acaly little good this issue i love how they portray rogue in this issue and in the whole seires of how she is confuse between the two sides and thats what i hate about her she swites sides like its nothing even though she didnt entirly she did go evil and it was good to see her relationship with wraith even though i wished she didnt lose gambits powers another thing i didnt like was how the supposed x-men that was at the masion couldnt fight at all they had liz on the team du...

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