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The Banshee Isn't the Only One Screaming...

I am so glad that this storyline is over with.  I'm sorry, but it just rubbed me the wrong way.  Don't get me wrong, there were cool parts like the added mutations to some of the X-Men and all, but this storyline took pretty much every character and flipped them on their heads. 
I didn't like the split in the X-Men to begin with, not to mention the aggressive behavior of Colossus.  Cyclops becoming a junkie also didn't sit well with me.  I can even live with the fact that when everything was said and done he was completely forgiven for everything he did, but what I can't live with is the COMPLETE lack in continuity that takes place here.  Colossus started taking Banshee in the first place because he wasn't super-strong in his metal form and supposedly couldn't even move around when transformed.  At the end of this issue, after he's done with the drug, he's up and about and moving around in his metal form?!?!  
It just doesn't make sense!  I think this issue could have at least make a 3.5 rating if I didn't have that glaring in my face the last few pages.
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