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Hey, on the cover…is that Stryfe and Onslaught? Apocalypse’s endgame is revealed as the beleaguered X-Men mount a last-ditch attack to save the world! Meanwhile, two more monstrous threats rear their ugly heads to ensure the young mutants’ downfall! It’s dark times for the X-Men, courtesy of writer Robert Kirkman (MARVEL ZOMBIES) and new ongoing penciler Salvador Larroca (UNCANNY X-MEN)!

One of the mysterious armored arrivals says that they're too late. The other says that they're not. They arrived to stop this event, not prevent it. Jean stares at them, not knowing who they are. The armored one in red seems to recognize "Jean dear" and she asks who he is. Apocalypse is tearing up the place around them. The man tells Jean to open up her mind and reveals that it is Xavier and Cable. Jean is surprised that he is alive and Scott notices that he is in control of himself once again. Charles tells Jean that he is able to block Apocalypse's control over the mutants in this area.

The Fantastic Four decide to try to help the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents now that the X-Men seem to have things under control with themselves. Scott is outraged when Cable removes his helmet. The Professor tells him to calm down as Cable tells them he never killed the Professor. He says this was all part of a plan he and Bishop came up with.

Cable explains that Apocalypse believes he's the world's first mutant and can control all mutant DNA since they are an offshoot of him. Cable also tells them that he wins this battle. The Professor backs this up by saying that he's seen the future where Apocalypse rules. Cable goes on to say that the Professor is the only one strong enough to stop him. He wasn't ready at the time which is why they took him to the future to train. Bishop stayed behind to help push the newer mutants to get a better control over their powers to battle Apocalypse. Wolverine arrives after leaving the hospital (still with a missing arm) and says they need to do this.

They arrive at the heart of the battle. They start taking down their own teammates under the control of Apocalypse. Scott asks Director Danvers if they have any tech that will restrain the other X-Men. The Professor tells Jean that no matter what, he has to do this on his own. Seeing mutants using their own free will, Apocalypse cries shenanigans. He says no one is strong enough to oppose him.

Xavier goes towards Apocalypse telling him it's over. He tells him that he's devoted the past year preparing for this battle. He is strong enough now to put a stop to him. Grabbing Apocalypse by the head, Charles soon finds out the plan isn't working. Cable, too, is surprised. Apocalypse's response to this is a swift head-butt to Xavier.

Apocalypse begins pushing the mutants still under his control against them. Xavier refuses to give up. He makes his way towards Apocalypse again and tries to probe deeper to see what how he can hurt him.

It seems to be working as Apocalypse cries out in pain. Jean sees that it's too much for the Professor. Apocalypse stands before Xavier and now sees that he is the one he seeks. He is the most powerful mutant there and with him he will be completely unstoppable.

Jean refuses to let the Professor die. She says she'll do anything. A voice says it told her she'd beg for it in the end. Now and "forever more" the Phoenix force is free.

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