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All hail Apocalypse! Last issue saw Sinister squirm from the grave—and now the evolutionary emperor known as Apocalypse has arrived! Superstarr artist Salvador Larroca continues his run here – as the threat to the X-Men kicks into overdrive!

Apocalypse has risen in the streets of Manhattan. New York's finest appear and quickly realize they don't stand a chance against him.

In the Molock Tunnels, both Angel and Bishop lie in pools of blood. Wolverine decides they do not have time to mourn their loss, they need to get up after Sinister. Dazzler screams that she will not leave Angel. Wolverine tells her she's going with or he will chop a piece of Warren so she can take it with her. Dazzler lashes out at him and sends him flying. Wolverine points out that it was Sinister that killed her boyfriend. The six remaining X-Men prepare to go get Sinister.

They soon find Apocalypse and just assume Sinister has changed his outfit. Apocalypse soon tells them Sinister is gone. Wolverine's claws have little affect against him. As he taunts Wolverine for his worthlessness, he sticks his claws into Apocalypse's neck. Apocalypse then tears off Wolverine's arm and throws him down. When Wolverine staggers to his feet, Apocalypse throws the severed arm at him.

Beast and Storm try hitting Apocalypse at the same time and are simply knocked aside. A series of "bamfs" sound behind him and Nightcrawler has arrived with Morlocks. They don't do much better. Nightcrawler sees Wolverine and tells him he needs to get to a hospital.

With the Molocks and remaining X-Men attacking, it looks as if they may stand a chance afterall. Apocalypse laughs and the mutants begin attacking each other. He tells them that with his thoughts, he can control them through their mutant genes. All of their friends, family and mutant they've ever come into contact with are at his control. The world is his.

Over Central Park, Spider-Man and Kitty Pryde are heading downtown when Kitty suddenly attacks him. She tells him she can't control herself. At the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four see the fires across town and make their move to help out. Their craft is taken down by Cyclops and the 'old' X-Men. Scott tries telling them to run as he can't control himself. S.H.I.E.L.D. has arrived to try to do their part also. With each attack on Apocalypse, he seems to be growing stronger.

Jean finally sees Apocalypse in the distance and wonders how they can stop him when he's able to control everyone. Suddenly, two more armored figures show up. Whose side are they one...?

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Getting better...sort of... 0

!!CAUTION SPOILERS--You've been warned!!This issue was a sign that this book is getting better. Apocalypse is very well drawn and so is the ending supprise. Speaking of the end, my guess is it's Xavier and Cable dressed up in "Anti-Apocalypse" suits. If thats true than this will become a very interesting arc (not that it isn't already).Back to the storyline, this issue features Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and the return of Kitty, Cylcops, Iceman, Rogue, and Jean. It seems possible that Jean ...

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