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New series artist Salvador Larroca arrives—as Apocalypse begins! Sinister has been resurrected, the pieces are moving into place, and everything is starting to come together. Can the X-Men prevent the coming of Apocalypse? The story arc that’s been building for a year kicks off here!

Jean and Scott call Bishop and his X-Men to the mansion with Cerebro. They arrive an instant later through Bishop's teleportaion technology. They are surprised to see Hank, still alive. Jean quickly scans his mind and assures Scott it's him. The reason they called them to the mansion is to deal with the crazed Natianel Essex, also known as Mister Sinister. It turns out that Essex faked his suicide when he was in custody at S.H.I.E.L.D. They were informed that he escaped from the morgue. All signs point to him breaking out rather than someone breaking in. Because Essex believes it is his mission to kill ten (innocent) mutants in order to be transformed, there's still six mutants that are in danger. Bishop assures Scott that he can find him.

Below Manhattan, Sinister is talking to a voice that says it misjudged him. Sinister feels reborn and promises the voice that he will get the ten souls. His conversation is interrupted by a young mutant named Leech. Sinister tells him that he's looking for the mutants that live down there. His forehead lights up and orders Leech to take him to the others. Leech has no choice.

Arriving at the center of the mutant sanctuary, Nightcrawler is alarmed when he recognizes Essex. Sinister pulls out a pair of guns and shoots down Leech, then another. Four more to go. Nightcrawler tries his best to stop Sinister and save other mutants. Sunder grabs hold of him only to have Sinister order him to take him to bring him some more victims. Another one down, three left.

Just then the X-Men arrive. Sinister asks himself why stop at three? Bishop tells Beast, Pyro, Psylocke and Wolverine to help Nightcrawler get the other mutants to safety. Wolverine doesn't go for that plan and jumps at Sinister. Sinister orders him to kill everyone except for himself.

It looks like they have him on the ropes until Sunder returns with two mutant children. Blam blam. One more left as he approaches Dazzler. As he shoots, Angel grabs him, angered that he'd shoot at his girlfriend. Bishop gets a strange look on his face then fires a blast that causes Storm and Dazzler to bump into each other. Sinister still has his guns. He points them at Angel and fires three times. Wolverine asks Bishop what did he do.

Angel and Sinister crash to the ground. With the ten souls collected, a bright light comes and carries Sinister's body up.

As Dazzler cries over Angel's body, Bishop apologizes. Wolverine gets in his face saying it was his blast that caused them not to be able to hit Sinister. Bishop tells him he doesn't understand. Before he can explain, Wolverine stabs him telling him he's "done."

Crumpled on the floor, Bishop weakly says it had to happen like this, right now. Otherwise Sinister would have been someone else that they couldn't find. He says "We planned this..." When Wolverine asks who "we" is, Bishop tells him they'll see and dies.

Up above, Sinister is transformed. A cloaked body says, "Sinister is no more." Apocalypse has risen.

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