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The young X-Men are leaderless. And in the wake of their tragedy, Scott Summers reaches a momentous decision: Disband the X-Men! Yes, you read it right. Is this the end of Xavier's dream? And if so, what does this mean for the evil mutants who may rush in to fill the power vacuum? It all begins to unravel... PART 2 (of 2)

Cyclops, Jean, and Storm are told that the entire Xavier estate has been passed on to them. All of the real estate including the school is now theirs. The lawyer recommends selling the school and property but Cyclops says that is not an option. Storm does not understand why she was included in this ownership. Jean feels it was to keep each other honest. The lawyer then mentions that they also own several warehouses in New York that could be rented out for quite a bit of money. This causes Scott to wonder what the Professor was using them for.

In Chicago at Emma Frost's Academy of Tomorrow, Colossus pays a visit to Northstar. When Northstar asks him how long he plans on visiting, Peter says that he never said he intended to leave.

Sitting in his room holding a wedding ring, Wolverine has packed up. He says, "It was fun while it lasted, Chuck," and prepares to leave. Wolverine tells Scott, Jean, and Ororo that he has some things that he's put off that needs to be taken care of. When Storm offers her company, Logan says he needs to deal with it on his own.

Upstairs, Jean wants to take a bath before Lilandra and the Church of Shi'Ar Enlightment arrives. Scott mentions the gift that she never opened from him. Jean tells him that she can't marry him. Surprised, she says that she's psychic and hasn't been surprised by a gift since she was thirteen. She says that it's not that she doesn't want to marry him, she just doesn't want to marry anyone at this point in her life. Then Scott is able to convince her to share her bubble bath with him.

Bishop tries to convince Iceman that he has a lot of potential and there is still a lot he can learn about his power. Bobby is more concerned with the video game he's playing. Not getting through to him, Bishop leaves for an appointment he has.

In downtown New York, a mutant is tearing up the place yelling "Xavier Lives On!!" A group of anti-mutant individuals prepare to take on the mutant with fire powers. The police soon arrives and it appears this man doesn't have much of a choice in matters. Just then, Nightcrawler teleports in and "bamfs" him out of there as the police start shooting. The man tells Kurt his name is Pyro and that he's been running with the Morlocks. He's tired of hiding and wants to be out in the spotlight. Kurt is interested in this group of Morlocks.

Scott, Jean, and Ororo meet with Lilandra. Right before the Professor died, she committed to contributed money to the school. He wants her to continue her funding. She says she will continue as long as they continue to try to better the relationship between mutants and humans. Her one condition is that her associate, Gerald Lavine stays at the school as her liason. As they leave, Gerald makes a phone calls that reveals he has ties to the Hellfire Club.

At the New York State Prison, Bishop meets with an inmate. The inmate has no idea who he is. Bishop tells him that what he's going through he needs. Being in prison will make him a better man. He tells him to do his time, stay out of trouble, and not to even think of using his powers. This surprises the inmate and all he can say is "Thanks."

Scott talks to everyone at the school. He tells them that the Professor was wrong. They don't have to be a police force running around but rather needs to teach peaceful co-existance. He wants the school to be a safe haven for mutants across the world. He wants to traing them to live peacefully and to help mankind. With that, he disbands the X-Men. The Institue is going to be a school. Bishop stands against Scott. He tells him he can't just let things end with Xavier. They've got to keep the dream alive. Then he tells Bishop that if wants X-Men, he should make his own.

In the future, Cable is having his arm repaird by a robot helper. He gets a report that in the timeline, the X-Men are grieving the loss of Xavier and that Bishop is stuck there. He also finds out that they don't believe he died in the explosion. He says it doesn't matter as he checks on their "guest." Professor Xavier is still alive...

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