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Betrayed by a persecuting humanity, and in a state of emotional pain, one of Professor X's students has turned his (or her) back on the X-Men... and joins Magneto's Brotherhood! How will the remaining team members deal with this betrayal, especially if it tips the balance of power in Magneto's favor?

The Brotherhood of Mutants, led by Cyclops, bomb Britain's Parliament as a warning to Prime Minister Blair not to develop a Sentinel program. Despite Xavier's favor with the President of the United States, the Sentinels are sent on one last mission to exterminate all of Magneto's followers in the Savage Land.

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The Build Up 0

This issue starts off with a bang - literally - as the Brotherhood, now numbering Cyclops among their ranks, bomb UK's Parliament building. What follows is a good build up in terms of pacing, and includes more character development on the part of Magneto and the other members of the Brotherhood than we've seen up until now.  Great visuals aside, there's a number of little things here that irk me - but they add up. Things like the Sentinels (recently in use) bust out of the ground(?) instead of s...

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Where everything get's interesting 0

The opening of the comic where the brotherhood of mutants(now under the command of Cyclops) are attacking in London was a bit brutal, especially when after some issues you look back and think:Is this Cyclops?!.Either way what he wanted to proof with this?That he can be a bad guy if he wants?Than we skip into a hotel room where Jean and Wolvie were having dinner(they had McDonalds).The two have a dicussion about the Professors plan in the White house than they change the topic to Cyclops.Jean is ...

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Ultimate X-men #5 0

 The book opens up to see Cyclops as a member of the Brotherhood. The thing about this was that, Cyclops the way he was written here, did not mind bombing parliment.  I have always enjoyed Cyclops in the MU, I have found his unrelenting faith and leadership qualities, a bit inspiring.  So this switch in character, is somewhat diconcerting, yet very interesting.  We do get to see some of the leadership qualities towards the end, when he is yelling at Quicksilver. I also enjoyed getting to spend t...

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