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A wounded Wolverine is taken to the X-Mansion to prevent further attacks from his unknown assailants. Probing deep into Logan's mind to try and uncover clues to the source of the attack, Professor Xavier picks up on one strong image … of something called Weapon X

Once Professor Xavier and Logan have extracted the information they need from Logan's fractured memory, he is re-integrated into life on the school campus. Though the X-Men tell him that he's forgiven, Logan's senses tell him otherwise. And while alone, Jean approaches him to tell him in no uncertain terms that she definitely does not forgive him for leaving Cyclops for dead in the Savage Land.

Professor Xavier takes the information he's learned to Nick Fury, requesting permission to have the X-Men take care of it. Fury denies it.

A lack of forgiveness isn't the only aspect of Jean's personality that Logan finds that he need be wary of. The influence of the Phoenix is growing in Jean. An unfortunate circumstance for the helecopter full of ex-military personnel that are spying on the school campus and plotting to get at Logan when they have the chance.

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