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Kitty Pride returns home from a night of partying but is caught by her mother. Suddenly her phasing powers are activated and she falls through her house, onto a street, is passed through by cars and buses and finally lands in the sewer. She tells her mom about it and she writes an email to Charles Xavier.

Kitty and her mom are picked up by Marvel Girl, accompanied by Cyclops in the Blackbird. They are driving to the school and are welcomed by the professor. Kitty talks to Jean who shows her around. Colossus and Wolverine return from a mission, with Wolverine being shot to pieces.

Beast is watching a report on TV about Bobby, who has left the X-Men. Colossus and Wolverine work out in the Danger Room. Mrs. Pryde talks to Professor X in his office and tells him she wants Kitty to be safe and not in danger.

Jean is practising with Kitty when she suddenly has something a vision and is horrified by it.

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