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Professor X has gathered his team of young mutants to face down the vast forces arrayed against their kind. But as their most ruthless and deadly enemy "Magneto, the maniacal master of magnetism" continues to build his terrorist army, the X-Men confront a new, and deadly mutant! How will the ULTIMATE treatment affect Wolverine? Tune in and find out!


Last issue Wolverine is sent to kill professor X by Magneto,

but is ambushed and captured by Weapon-X soon after leaving the airport.

Few weeks have past for X-men after their rescue for young Bobby Drake,

Professor X sent the team on a mission to save and recruit Wolverine into the X-men.

Mean while Wolverine woke up and found out that he is being held in a truck and in a adamantium cage with Colonel wraith, a little after the X-men shown up and have released Wolverine ,

as Wolverine is attempting to murder Colonel wraith Marvel girl stopped him.

Mean While at Savage Land Magneto reveal that he have given weapon-x Wolverine's location and is attempting an attack on the white house.


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Issue 2 Evaporates Any Goodwill I Had 0

This gets an average rating only because the art is semi-decent and there is an interesting idea here - Magneto's devious plan being it.However, it's chock full of things that P me Off. I totally get that this is a new version of the X-Men, starting from scratch. I'm O.K. with that. Want to mess around with the origins? Fine. Wolverine is now an assassin working for Magneto? Cool.But then it's missing all the things that made the X-Men good and different from the overly steroid pumped brainless ...

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Ultimate X-Men Issue 2- My 100th Review 0

Alright, before I say anything else about this comic let me say this. This is my favorite single issue of any comic of all time. This is the comic that got me into comics. When I was in 5th grade, on the heels of X-2: X-Men United coming out in theatre's, the New York Post ran a free reprint of this comic book. For whatever reason, my mom bought this newspaper, gave me the comic, and thus began my journey into comics. That was over seven years ago, and to this day I have still never read as good...

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Ultimate X-men #2 0

 Okay, I have to give some credit here. There are some good ideas in this issue. If you want to make some changes to the character of Wolverine, why not start him off as an assassin for Magneto?   I really liked the idea of the Weapon X program being an offshoot of S.H.I.E.L.D., heck there are way too many unauthorized organizations in the regular Marvel Universe. It also gives the mutants a real fear of humans by showing them that if they piss off enough of the wrong people, they actually could...

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