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The frenzied field trip comes to a spectacular climax as four of our beleagured mutants fight for their lives against the greatest threat yet! Plus: A new member debuts!

En route to the airport, some of the X-men wonder, whether Xavier isn't mentally influencing them to play heroes. They are interrupted as David attacks them in Betsy Braddock's body.

After shrugging off an attack by Wolverine, David singles out Beast promising him a world that will accept him, if he joins David's side. When this doesn't work, David tells him that his relationship with Storm is a fake.

Brushing off an attack by Storm, David destroys the plane, the other X-men are on, but teleports them out first, as he wants their deaths to be personal. He intends to take over Cyclops, when suddenly he feels weakened.

When he gets close to killing Storm, Iceman gets over his hysteria, which kept him out of the fight to attack David – but to no avail, as David hurts the young boy badly. David then teleports himself and Xavier to each of the planned stops of the book tour, murdering dozens of people everywhere, before teleporting them back to Berlin, where he intends to kill his father.

However the personality of Betsy Braddock comes to the fore, weakening him. Betsy begs Xavier to kill them. Xavier is unable to act; Colossus however is not – as he smashes Betsy/David with a car.

Some days later at David's funeral, Xavier decides, he's been dangerously naïve and that he will disband the X-men.

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