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The X-Men have been fully integrated into the Weapon X Program -- and are at the center of a conspiracy that could plunge the planet into World War III! What is Colonel John Wraith's insane plan -- and why is Professor Charles Xavier the key to it? Meanwhile, the only X-Man who remains free -- the wild card known as Wolverine -- finds an ally in the soldier known as Nick Fury!

Wolverine and Nick Fury had a past. Wolverine could have killed him but didn't.

Weapon X uses Professor X to kill people with his mind.

Sabretooth burns all the info on Wolverine.

The book opens in Iraq where we see a military convoy being shelled. A young Nick Fury is radioing to the base that the bombardment opened the adamantium cage. We assume corectly, that they were transporting Wolverine somewhere. Upon escape, Wolverine goes into a rage and kills every one except for an injured Nick Fury. Logan puts him on his shoulders, and carries him to the base where he is tranquilized..

After a sweet and quiet scene where jean grey says sorry to Wolverine, knowing now only some of what he went through. Wolverine assures her however ... everything is going to plan.

We then cut to John Wraith, who is talking to a panel of Generals including General Ross who has informed him of the proposed cutbacks in the weapon X program. After a short conversation Wraith makes his play, and using Charles Xavier ( now held captive and permanently in Cerebro ) to blow up the room they are in.

We join Wolverine and Sabretooth outside in the snow. Sabretooth says he has Wolverines personal files, but instead of using it to get Wolverine to do anything, Sabretooth lights it on fire. This prompts Wolverine to attack, but being tied up ... the battle is a short one, and Wolverine is taken down immediately. The book ends with a splash page showing that the brotherhood arrived at Weapon X facilities, and they are there to help the X-men.

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