The New Ultimate Spider-Man: Spoilers Why not Ultimate Ben Riley?

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So if you haven't heard Miles Morales is the new USM which I don't have a problem with but there is a character that would have made more sense. Ultimate Ben Reilly I'm a fan of the 616 version of Ben and think that Marvel could have killed two birds with one stone. Marvel wanted an african american spider-man and the Ultimate version of Ben Reilly is african american character. Also Ben Reilly was Curt Connors Lab assisstant which is where he could have got his powers plus despite (SPOILERS: 616 Ben in Spider-Island SPOLERS) Ben hasn't ben used much and despite the two being very different I would be just happy that an alternate universe version of Ben got a book. I don't have a problem with Miles but I feel a bit let down it wasn't a prieviously used character like Ben.
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I would love to see Ben Riley come back and be done well, but I think Bendis made the right call introducing an all-new character.

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Plus, the Ultimate Ben Reilly is a fat piece of garbage who is rotting in jail for helping Doctor Octopus clone Peter and the symbiote Gwen Stacy. I am looking forward to seeing who Miles is going to be. Hopefully, Ben comes back in the 616 and stays on as a Spider guy.

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