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Spider-Man has fallen and the Ultimate Universe will never be the same. Join Brian Bendis, Stuart Immonen and original series artist Mark Bagley as they begin a two-part story celebrating the heroism of your friendly neighborhood webslinger as written by none other than… J. Jonah Jameson (?!). FEATURING NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN ART FROM MARK BAGLEY.

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That's My Story. 0

So Spider-Man is dead and JJJ has just come to the realization that he was a hero and not a deviant. And I must say this issue wasn't exactly what I expected, but as a two-part story, I still like.I was expecting a "clip show" issue with Jameson writing his story in the background. And as a fan whose been reading the book for the last 4 or 5 years, I can't say I would mind that. There is an wonderful story lying just below the surface on this issue and I have this feeling that the second part wi...

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Ultimatum Spiderman requiem #1 Review 0

Initially when I saw this on the shelf of my local comic shop (A place in space) I was saddened by the name of the comic as Spiderman is one of my most favourite superheroes in the marvel universe. When we start to read we are greeted by the destruction of New York City after Magneto’s ultimatum wave. We also see J Jonah Jameson in the daily bugle building remembering the day of the wave as he saw Spiderman saving people outside of his window J Jonah Jameson obviously feels guilty for slating S...

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Spider-Man: Requiem #1- Zip-Drives, 90's Armor, and Punchout Time 0

Ultimatum... there are so many things I could say about Ultimatum. Even more for Jeph Loeb's Ultimate stuff. But that would take up so much time and space that I'm just going to stow it. For now...So, onto the issue at hand (literally). The premise of USM Requiem, in short, is that J. Jonah Jameson is back at the Daily Bugle offices after the Ultimatum Wave (why are they calling it that?) has subsided a bit. When last we saw him, he was watching in awe as Spider-man was saving people from drowni...

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