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The head of Roxxon Oil sics the world's greatest mercenary, Silver Sable, on Spider-Man to learn why the webspinner has targeted Roxxon on his nightly patrols. How violently Ms. Sable wants to handle the situation is strictly up to her. Spinning out of the Ultimate Spider-Man video game (written and designed by our longstanding team of Bendis and Bagley!), Ultimate Silver Sable might be the most dangerous foe Spidey has ever faced! Plus- Who is Ultimate Omega Red?


The book opens with Omega Red tearing up a dock and cargo ship owned by Roxxan. Spiderman swings in to stop him using sarcastic quips and dropping a small bulldozer onto him.

While the wrecking crew is cleaning up we find that Silver Sable is listening to the building supervisor talk to Damage Inc, Roxxan himself is also listening in. When he hears that Spiderman was involved in stoping the attack, he surmises that since Spiderman has foiled so many robberies and attempts to destroy Roxxan he himself must know who is responsible for the attacks. He hires Silver Sable to capyure Spiderman so he could question him. She agrees, but tells him she would need her entire team, and that it would be expensive. They keep a tail on him and manage to track him to the high school. When they get a visual on him as he lands on the roof and drops between a building they get a bead on him and move in. Using a stun gun, they drop the boy who is in between the buildings Spiderman dropped down. When Silver Sable has him back at the hide out we see she has Spiderman tied up and wants him questioned. We find out soon enough that it wasn't Peter Parker that got kidnapped, but Flash Thompson.

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one charater is missing in this issue 0

I have this issue and the 2 followers issues 2, number 86, 87 and 88 and in all these issues I'm missing one character in the charaters list.It's "Ultimate Vision" that's missing in these comics profiles here on the site.So is it possible that u put her to the character file?                                                                                                                                             Greetings Marc...

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Omega Red Treated with Proper respect 0

Okay so Omega Red could be a bit of a bad ass if you played him in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, but seriously, I could never really take him as a serious threat. At least not by himself any way. That is why I like the fact that he is just the opening fight. Only a few pages are wasted on him. The Silver Sable stuff, I did enjoy. I thought the banter with her and her "Wild Pack" was pretty cool., Over all it is a fun book, well written. It is just like every other seventh issue of this series, pure set...

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