hahamanhv's Ultimate Spider-Man #7 - Crossroads Part 1 review

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Issue 7, SPOILERS

I love me some Ultimate Spider-Man. I love it so much that I own half of the original series in hardcover and half in single issues. I don't miss anything in this book. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man continues this tradition for my collection. And there is a reason why. I have never read a bad Ultimate Spider-Man story. Ever. However there are some that are disappointing. I am glad to say this is not one of those issues. 
And now to spoil things. 
If you haven't been reading Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, start now. So far, in the last 6 issues the Human Torch and Iceman have moved in with Peter, Kitty Pryde is a vigilante known as the Shroud, and Peter is dating Gwen. These are all great developments that have made these first 6 issues amazing. Issue 7 brings in ultimate Rick Jones. He is of course,  a mutant (Or is he?). However the exact details of his powers aren't quite known yet, but he teleports in a way that reminds me of the old Captain Marvel days. I thought that this was nice to see and it was done very well for the mot part. 
Another especially powerful part of this issue came from Mary Jane when talking to Peter about all of the new housemates he has gotten. Mary Jane essentially raises the question of Aunt Mays sanity, and this seemed like a very logical conclusion to draw. It isn't confirmed or denied, just thrown out there, but the way Mary Jane talks about it really works well. Also nice was Aunt May's scene with Rick Jones' mom, however it seemed a bit off that her neighbor she barely knows would spill her guts to her. This was still good though, if a bit odd. 
The only places this issue really falters are the art and a flashback sequence. The flashback sequence was off because it felt like a very weird way to introduce Rick Jones. Essentially, it flashes to the Fantastic 4 six months ago and they are talking to a Watcher who says that Rick is the Chosen One to lead them into the future. It just felt forced. As for the art, it's fine. I mean, it's not bad and not good. But the reason I am calling it out is because it's a different artist. I am used to the Ultimate Spider-Man of old, where Mark Bagley did 110.5 issues and then Stuart Immonen did the other 21.5 issues. This made the title consistent and even when they transitioned, they led into it. Here I didn't even notice the change until I got a few pages in and saw it was different. Having the old artist David Lafuente do the cover and then Takeshi Miyazawa do interiors is a good fit, but I wish they made the transition smoother. 
All in all, my issues are pretty minor. The only things that bothered me was the Watcher sequence and the new art (Which has a better Iceman but the faces are a bit lacking). Overall, 4 out of 5.  A good start to a new arc and consistent as always. Can't wait for more. 

Edited by AirDave817

Cool review! Haven't picked up my copy yet. Looking forward to reading it.

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