jlat89's Ultimate Spider-Man #7 - Crossroads Part 1 review

Ultimate Spider-Man and his overcrowded house

If you've been following Ultimate Spider-Man, you know that a lot of things have changed since they revamped the series.  Art is a big change as well as some of the status quo.  In recent issues we've seen Johnny Storm and Bobby Drake move into the Parker household, which already has Gwen Stacey (Peter's Girlfriend=/)  so the house is getting a little crowded.
 Anyway this issue starts six months ago, which was a little before Ultimatum and we meet Neighbors of the Parkers.  The son,  Ricky,  who I assume is the same age as Peter appears to have had an accident with his "powers."  In all honesty I thought he was Torch for a minute before I read the pages.  So we come back to "Today" where the mother is bedside to the kid who went into a coma.  The issue cuts to a scene of the mall where Peter and MJ work, they're having a discussion about the current residents at the Parker House and MJ thinks Aunt May might have gone a little crazy.  There's a little awkward moment that could only happen between exes, which is kind of cute, but they should be together anyway so.  There's a nice little scene where May and Gwen are talking and then May heads over to the house where Ricky has just come home.  She plays nice neighbor and the mother tells her her son wasn't on drugs (won't make sense to you unless you buy the book!)  Anyway, May goes home after this conversation and tells the "kids" of her house to go out and do something which I found interesting.  The result leads to some funny moments between Ice Man (Boy?), Torch, and Spidey.  Someone ends up going to the midwest and back in a page and a half.  There's a little nod to the Ultimate Fantastic 4 twice in this book, the 2nd one is what drives to comic to it's cliffhanger.  
Overall, it was an entertaining issue, it's a fun series.  Bendis has been on this series forever so I love the way he writes it.  The art is gradually stepping back into what we knew in the Original Ultimate series, though Bagley is still missed, i think.  But it's much better than what the series was looking earler.  If you haven't been reading this series or if you stepped away I'd suggest you come back, things are being explained better and it's just a fun series if you're still angry with Amazing Spider-Man and Brand New Day.  (I feel your pain)

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Posted by AirDave817

Great review!  
Ultimate Spider-Man is the Spider-Man book for me. If you're not a fan of Bendis' writing, this book probably isn't for you. But, like it or not, Bendis is shaping the Marvel Universe from the Avengers corner of it - kinda like what Geoff Johns is doing in the DCU from the Green Lantern angle. I like that he has spent over five years telling stories that have really only spanned a few weeks or months. Okay, so, the stories have stretched out, but Ultimate Peter Parker seems to still be in his prime, and hasn't peaked. Some would argue that USM has jumped the shark. I like this direction that the story is going in. The art's been a little iffy the first six issues, but that should work itself out. I've got my fingers crossed. I'm an optimist.     

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